Quiz 5 – Animals

It’s that time again – it’s Unpopular Science’s fifth and final science quiz. This week the theme is animals. For those that don’t know, after this final week, whoever has the highest cumulative score will win a copy of Tiger Wars by Steve Backshall*. The quiz will close at 12pm on Thursday the 3rd of January and the winner will be announced in a post soon after, along with the final leaderboard.

If you want your score to be tracked, add your name and email. If you just want a bit of fun, don’t worry. You can start the quiz by simply clicking Next. To see the leaders after the first four quizzes, see our leaderboard. You can still join in, by doing our first quiz hereour second hereour third quiz here and our fourth quiz here. The current high score is 28, so make sure you take part in every quiz to have the best chance of winning.

Science Quiz #5


* In the event of a tie, names will be drawn at random and the Editor’s decision is always final. One entry per person. Prize will be announced soon. Also, good luck!


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