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Actually, you have multiple credit points. AICE Cambridge Certificate Qualifikation Cambridge AICE Diploma is a group diploma that asks students to complete a mandatory course, Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, with Cambridge AS & A Level courses from three curricula: Maths and Sciences (Group 1), Language (Group 2) and Art and Literature (Group 3). It is possible to choose inter-disciplinary courses (group 4). Only in India do we provide a March examination cycle, the results of which were published in May. Students must receive at least one credit from each of groups 1, 2 and 3.

Residual credit can come from any of the groups. Following combination of credit is applicable to the diploma:

There is a 420 point limit on the number of points a student can earn. Learners can collect results that will be used for the Cambridge AICE Diploma for more than one year. You can use up to five examination sets to take seven full credit checks, provided they are taken within 25 months.

As an example, a Cambridge AICE diploma holder who enters in November 2017 may only use earlier results from the November 2015, June 2016, November 2016 and June 2017 test sets. Applicants must be registered for the Cambridge AICE Diploma in the finals cycle. For information on how to enrol for the Cambridge AICE Diploma, see the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries. Please see the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries. Please note that the Cambridge AICE Diploma is only available in German.

It is available to Cambridge examiners on CIE Direct or you can get a copy by contacting us. Cambridge AICE Diploma is assigned according to a points system so that each mark is transformed into a number of points, as shown in the following chart. The A* mark is 140 points, but the Cambridge AICE Diploma Points are limited to 420.

Pupils who fulfil the group price requirement will earn a Cambridge AICE Diploma at one of three levels: Existence, merit or distinction. Assigned grade is calculated on the basis of the overall grade of the Cambridge AICE Diploma. AICE Diploma with Distinction: given to a student with a score of 360 or more.

Diploma points may not exceed 420. Combridge AICE Diploma with Merit: Awards to 250 to 359 pointers. AICE Diploma at passed level: Awards to 140 to 249 point student. Pupils who do not fulfil the group price requirement will be issued a certificate for their particular subject.

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