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Introduce uniform home loans with PCMPA

Professionalgage Packagers Alliance (PMPA) today launched a credit provider that will provide mortgages specifically through its own members. United Homeloans Limited is a collaborative venture with the Investec Group, a global specialty bank group whose shares are traded on the London and South African stock exchanges, and the Infinity Mortgages holding group.

Unit says it regards as default to push full statute progress up to 1. 5m and self-certification loans up to 750,000 but greater quantities pending loan approval up to 750,000 pounds on a case-by-case base. Available up to 1m for some self-certification product. Sentences of 5. 95% on a two-year fixed-rate mortgages with no overdue repayments.

Creditor's subprime heavyduty credit allows any amount of negative plus historical indefinite mortgages in arrears up to 85% Loan-to-Value and at starting interest rate of 6.25% (discount option) or 6.0%. Creditor says its on-line system, brief report and recommendation line, together with local supervisors, will make sure the processing period from receiving a bundled request to completing it is as fast as possible.

As Andy Clapham, Investec's Senior Vice President Financing, says: "This is an interesting move for Investec to move into the non-performing property loans business and it is the first partnership between a bank and an existing group of intermediaries to provide a new mortgagor. First, Unity Homeloans' home loans will be available through PMPA's 22 member firms and will be available to their broad spectrum of importers and networking partners.

And Ian Nelson, CEO of United Homeloans, adds: "To harness the power and variety of member distributions of our organization, we have formed United Homeloans. United Homeloans is the first case that agents have set up a mortgages provider. "According to UNESCO, it has made great efforts to purchase technologies and process from several incumbent organizations in order to provide an efficient way to reach the markets for broker and producers of member companies of Partnership for the Protection of the Environment (PMPA).

Creditor says its Uninet on-line payment system is engineered to offer brokerage firms KFI creation and real-time case tracing. Even though Unity Homeloans requests are handled by one of the Unity Homeloans member packers, the case's on-line case keying allows the browser to easily specify to which Unity Homeloans member packer the case should be sent.

Agents who are unable or unwilling to apply on-line can still fill out a general packaging request forms. Borrower can connect to Uninet via the lender's website and immediately conclude transactions with Unity Homeloans after completing a fast on-line inscription. In-depth information on Unity Homeloans' product range will soon be available on the website, while KFI's will be available on Monday 31 October.

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