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Connect 72 customers who are still expressing their opinions today! UK's 100 Day Loans main priority is to get you money when you need it most. 100 day loan offers simple, simple and short-term loans without faxing. Payment day loans 100 days are very easily available and do not require any formalities. Select cash loans from £50 to £400.

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UPDATING: When I entered the number 100%dayloans on this reviewsite under "About Company", it is an automatic system and calling the Loan Matching Center Corporation. It seems strange that they still record their information as 100%dayloans, but the number goes to a newcomer. Maybe too many are complaining about about 100 daily credits, so they had to rename the business!?

I' m getting several phone shots from someone called Nathan Brooks on 480-525-2006. He says in the biggest ever India accent I've ever hear that I'm authorized (not pre-approved) for a $10,000 credit. Additionally, I got an e-mail with forged credit papers on forgotten head using the name of Lending Club, Inc.

Once the 100dayloan call began 3 nights ago, I realised that the manager's name on the forged lending club paper was actually Nathan Brooks. Anyone who gives a poor rating on this website complains that 100%dayloans said they were authorized (not authorized in advance, which is another matter) and then refuses the loans will get a reply from 100%dayloans.

It' s the same envelope reply size that they are a match your credits, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. When someone completes a blank and says that their approval is poor or under poor, then a creditor would not authorize the loans. Thus, 100dayloans gives wrong information to prospective clients to get a recall.

or if 100dayloans is coming out of the bottom. Regardless, the fact that I can't access their legitimate website or anyone with their legal telephone number is enough for me to tell everyone to keep away.

Obviously, there are tens of thousands out there.

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