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In case of doubt, talk to an accountant or mortgage lender about tax liabilities. If you are a US resident, you may be entitled to a loan to evaluate a mortgage of up to 80%. Guideline for prospective lessors on changing stamping fees As many home owners know, since 1 April 2016 a three percent stamping allowance has been imposed on second home purchases, which has a clear impact on the buy-to-lease area. Postage stamping taxes - or, to give them their full name, the real estate stamping taxes (SDLT) - are taxes payable by real estate buyers on the sale of real estate or property.

However, the rate of the levy is such that no levy is imposed on property with a value of less than £125,000 but £7,500 on property with a value of £350,000 and £43,750 on property with a value of £1 million and so on. Note It is important to remember that from November 2017 first-time purchasers will no longer be required to foot postage taxes on houses with a value of up to £300,000.

For those who buy a home up to £500,000 in high-value areas such as London, first-time purchasers are not required to foot the £300,000 postage stamping fee on the first part of the value. As of 1 April 2016, a three percent stamping allowance has been levied on second dwellings.

Now under the bundling system, second home values of less than 125,000 pounds are attracting three per cent instead of zero taxes. The ones between 125,000 and 250,000 pounds in value now have a five percent instead of two percent and so on. On the top end of the spectrum, second homes valued at over 1. 5million pounds are attracting 15 percent postage due rather than 12 percent.

Please consult the government's postmark income taxes unit to determine your income taxes. Secondary residences - in the sense of the stamping allowance - are other residences than a principal place of abode, regardless of whether they are rented or not. Whether a primary resident is abroad does not play a role, as a second home in the UK continues to be taxed at the stamping allowance rate.

But a buy-to-lease property will not draw the higher installment if the primary domicile is leased and not in possession. Home buyers who help a member of the household to buy a property will continue to be considered as second home buyers and the relative will be responsible for the knockdown. If you own two houses because you purchased a new one but have not yet resold the old one, you have to add three percent.

However, if the old house is resold within three years, the three percent will be reimbursed. Nobody will be able to avoid the higher postage tax rate by turning over real estate property designated as a move into a new home, calling it the primary home and then renting out the old house.

Pairs who have split but not yet got a divorce and own two plots between them are not considered second-holders. You will not be able to buy a second home and avoid the hammer by placing one property in the name of one of the partners and one in the name of the other. There is no postage tax on campers, motor home owners or house boats.

Sometimes it is possible to cut down stamping taxes by referring to a property, be it the principal house or a secondary residence, "mixed use", i.e. for both housing and professional use, such as managing a small enterprise. In case of any doubts, speak with an bookkeeper or mortgage lender about your taxes.

Prior to the purchase, sale, rental or leasing of real estate or the purchase of finance instruments, you should seek impartial and expert guidance.

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