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Approval of the provisional timetable for the thirteenth session of Committee 4: The exchange of information as discussed at Jappelli and Pagano ([1],[2] and[3]) is the one. From Monday to Friday at 3:00. Approx. 3 lessons English & Spanish.

Bureau decision: 13.COM 3.BUR 4.6 - Non- physical inheritance - Culture sector

Referring to the provisions of Art. 23 of the Agreement as well as Section I.4 of the Operational Guidelines on Grant Aids and the International Support Request Criteria, the Office considers ITH/18/13. NOTES that Ukraine has asked for international support for the Needs Analysis to Strengthen Ukraine's Capacity in Developing Strategies for the Protection of the ICH project:

Aim of the proposal, which will be carried out by the Ukrainian Centre for Culture Studies, is to conduct a needs analysis in order to strengthen Ukraine's domestic capacity to develop strategies for the protection of immaterial culture inheritance. Although there is an exceptionally abundant and varied legacy throughout the whole of Ukraine, such practice threatens to disappear and reduce vigour.

Despite some good moves made in recent years to preserve its vigour, there are still some shortcomings that prevent the emergence of appropriate protection polices and safeguards. Therefore, this proposal aims to present the key issues for the 2003 agreement at Member State levels in the context of the present policy and financial context, to determine the key needs for the protection of immaterial culture and to suggest operational suggestions for their enhancement.

We expect the programme to increase people' s understanding of the importance of immaterial culture in the context of societal change, encourage the effective use of immaterial culture, protect policy of societal coherence and policy of peaceful co-existence and sustainability, and encourage greater acceptance and co-operation internationally. There are plans for the projects to be conducted by an external specialist with the assistance of internal consultants.

Notes further that this aid is intended to assist a nationally undertaken endeavour in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (c) of paragraph 20 of Title 20 of the Agreement and that it will take the forms of a subsidy in accordance with paragraph (g) of paragraph 21 of Title 21 of the Agreement; notes further that Ukraine has applied for USD 28 500 from the Intangible Heritage Fund for the purpose of carrying out this endeavour; resolves to do so on the basis of the information contained in the Act No.

01422, the response to the international support award criterion set out in paragraph 10 and 12 of the Operating Guidelines shall be as follows: : While the application would have benefited from more in-depth information on how the affected municipalities were participating in the planning of the projects and what mechanism for their participation is envisaged, the application regards the participation of the municipality in the protection of the Ukrainian live legacy as one of the aims of the projects and confirms that previous consultation with the municipalities has taken place and that they will be the main beneficiaries following the project: overall, the overall budgetary allocation is in line with the envisaged activity throughout the application and the overall amount is appropriate.

There is a need to correct this discrepancy: the actions are well organised and workable in relation to the time frame suggested; they involve desktop research and the organisation of a site survey, an on-site research mission, the study of the gathered information and the production of the needs evaluation reports.

The State party affirms that the Needs Analysis Review is likely to unite and promote exchange between key interest groups and institutional and organizational bodies concerned with the protection of Ukraine's immaterial heritage.

It is also anticipated that the proposal will provide a sound foundation for the development of programs at the federal, provincial and municipal level, and that these programs will meet the requirements of legislative, regulatory, institutional as well as managerial infrastructures, financing, awareness-raising, educational and inventory requirements in the immaterial legacy field: although the proposal would have benefitted from greater transparency regarding the State' and other sources' contribution to the proposal, the State party is required to contribute to at least 18 percent of the cost of the proposal.

: This call is likely to have knock-on effect as the multi-annual Blueprint and political advice are likely to help develop an inclusive stance on the protection of Ukraine's immaterial culture heritages. It is also anticipated that the programme will receive technological and funding assistance at country, provincial and municipal level from donors and charities from around the world to help implement the planned Blueprint for Actions.

Endorses Ukraine's application for international support for the Needs Analysis to Strengthen Ukraine's Capacity to Develop a Strategic Approach to the Protection of the ICH Programme of Ukraine and to this end awards the State Party US$ 28,500; Asks the Secretariat to agree with the applicant State Party on the practical arrangements for the aid, taking particular care that the detail work schedule of operations falling under the Intangible Heritage Fund is sufficiently precise to justify the expenditure; asks the State Party to use the ICH-04 report form when it reports on the use of the aid provided.

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