3 Credit Companies

of which 3 Credit institutions

Four out of three ratings. For the Russian telecommunications companies, the credit risk assessment provided more reliable results from our point of view. 5) The three credit agencies are online at:. In case you have not yet done so, you will receive your credit information for all 3 credit agencies. All three credit bureaus store information about your credit file, but the exact details they have may vary between them.


In order to add a single quotation to a text editor text editor biography, choose your favorite quotation styles below and simply pull and dropping it into the work. We have used in this paper the credit assessment models based on the selected indicators, the models that are based on the theoretical approach of set equations, or in other words, a language based one.

In certain circumstances it may have several benefits over the statistical one. It provided more trustworthy results in the case of the credit assessment for Russia's telecommunications companies. At the last level of research we have conducted, comparing the results obtained by using both modeling techniques.

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11 FCA operating principals for credit consumers

In the Financial Code Authority's manual, the guard dog sets out 11 operating principals to which all companies are subject: An enterprise must manage its businesses with respect for it. An enterprise must manage its businesses with the necessary competence, thoroughness and conscientiousness. An enterprise must organize and monitor its operations in a responsible and effective manner with due caution.

An undertaking must have sufficient economic means at its disposal. An enterprise must adhere to the right standard of behaviour in the marketplace. An enterprise must take due account of the interests of its clientele and deal fairly with them. An enterprise must take due account of the information needs of its consumers and provide them with information in a clear, equitable and precise manner.

An organization must handle a conflict of interest fairly, both between itself and its clients and between a customer and another one. Making choices for each and every one of its clients who is authorized to depend on its judgement. The regulatory authority must adequately regulate everything that affects the company from which that regulatory authority would reasonably require notification.

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