3 Credit Reporting Agencies

up to 3 credit agencies

We have 3 rating agencies in the UK - Experian, Equifax and Callcredit. An employer cannot verify your creditworthiness. This is a good indicator of your credibility, which is used by bankers, credit cards companies and auto dealers to forecast the probability that you will repay a mortgage. "The fact that a prospective employers can verify your creditworthiness is probably the most frequent credit legend, and unfortunately it is one of the most problematic," says John Ulzheimer, credit analyst at CreditSesame.com.

"During my 23 years in the banking business, there has never been a proven example of this." Actually, he says, the three credit agencies have all gone on record saying they don't deliver a credit rating to employer. The Ulzheimer hypothesis is that this legend is so widespread for two reasons:

Humans use "Credit Score" and "Credit Report" exchangeably. Whilst your creditworthiness is built on the content of your credit reports - which describe your credit activities and your background in detail - they are not the same. Consider as an example of their independency the fact that while you can get your credit scores for free at locations like Credit Sesame, you cannot get your reports.

While you can get your free annualcreditreport.com reports from any office once a year, you have to make a payment for your points. You can create a credit information sheet for your company. However, the credit information that is available to employers is not the same that your creditors see. "As Ulzheimer says, if an employee reviews your credit, it's what you call an " Employment Screen ", and the credit agencies have their own products for this use.

Plus, when an employers reviews your reports, the investigation not only has no impact on your credit rating, but you, the customer, are the only one who can see that it ever happened." It is also noteworthy, Ulzheimer says, that a prospective employers will not sneak behind your back to verify your credit.

In contrast to the credit assessment that comes with an application for a home credit or auto credit, you must explicitly give an employers consent in writing to do so. It' not like it's your interviewers dealing with your credit, he states. "Usually the employers outsource the processes to a third firm that does things like checking your backgrounds and education."

Ultimately, while educator can draft your approval, they can't see your approval evaluation, their questioning won't feeling it, and the approval document they can propulsion isn't the Lappic one utilized to evaluating your quality as a recipient. Whilst some states limit the cases in which an employers can even verify your creditworthiness, "certain occupations, such as criminal prosecution or other governing bodies, should be expected to have credit scores that are fair," says Ulzheimer.

"They should expect a record to be drawn up."

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