3 in 1 Credit Score

Creditworthiness 3 in 1

Wellcome to the Credit Score Series (article 1 of 3). The credit check is about trying to predict your future behavior. ( 1 ) Someone has applied for credit under a different name. Â A: Default settings remain on a credit report for six years from the default date, so I fear yours will hang around until June 2015. ENHANCEMENT OF THE STRATEGIES FOR SEGMENTING INVESTMENTS - BEYOND THE CREDIT SCORE.

Equifax named by EBay as Equifax's privileged credit manager and ID service supplier.....

The Equifax Inc. eBay (NYSE: EFX) offers eBay customers an exclusively designed, quick and easy way to take complete charge of their credit and protect their privacy. The Equifax Credit Zone allows on-line shoppers and vendors to take full credit risk mitigation and ID fraud prevention benefits to help protect their finances.

"Ecuifax has partnered with eBay to help more users fight ID fraud and get ready for on-line commerce by providing two uniquely designed offerings for eBay members," said Vince Corica, Group Executive, Personal Solutions, Equifax. "By introducing the Equifax Credit Zone, we've taken the Equifax/eBay relationship to the next dimension by allowing the million users who use eBay every single night to take advantage of Equifax credit risk control solutions and the richness of information on protecting against ID theft."

As a result, on-line shoppers and vendors get a credit managed asset that provides customers with unique packaged service and promotion opportunities for selected product offerings, complete with Score Power and the 3-in-1 Credit Report. As well as buying their Equifax Credit Report(TM), credit rating and surveillance service, Equifax Credit Zone users can take advantage of the following tailored services:

The Equifax Credit Watch for eBay - An on-line watch engine that notifies customers of any significant changes to their Equifax Credit Report and provides a free copy of Score Power®. The Score Power feature allows the user to gain on-demand insight into Fair Isaac's FICO credit exposure value - the most commonly used value in credit business.

eBay 3-in-1 Credit Report eBay Spot - If user buy two 3-in-1 credit report with score, this eBay Spot gives them a third for free. 3-in-1's easy-to-read credit report allows customers to compare their credit files line by line from all three national credit agencies.

"It' s important that we keep helping to inform consumer about how they can help prevent ID theft," says Gary Dillabough, VP, Strategic Partnerships, eBay. "Equifax's introduction of Credit Zone Services is part of eBay's continued dedication to provide our million of shoppers and vendors with a reliable, secure and well-lit trading platform, and Equifax's vast experience and know-how helps us achieve this."

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