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The Equifax credit rating is 700 and defines a good credit rating as anything 420 or higher. Increase your business: Increase your business: Generally, a woman's credit standing is slightly lower than a man's, but why is that and what can you do? A reason for this credit disparity is the wage differential between men and women. Therefore, the credit differential between men and women should not be reduced. Ideal, she says, is to have credit reports looked at three to six month in advance in order to make a credit request to prevent delay in the credit approvals procedure.

It will also help you to have the best credit transactions for your finances.

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Even though we can't deal with the detail of single account in a common forums, I wanted to come back to some of the more general issues. While the way an account is presented can sometimes seem odd, it is important to keep in mind that we provide you with the information that a creditor will see.

When there are errors in your reports, it will highlight one of the main causes why reviewing your reports can be very useful - because it gives you the opportunity to spot inconsistencies and initiate disputes to get your information right. That means that the next times you try to take out a mortgage to remortgage or a credit or debit card, you can be sure that the lender will see an exact image.

CandyApple - to your telecommunications related questions - I can hear your request. Although you repay your telecommunications account every month, you are temporarily in short-term indebtedness until it is settled, even if only for part of the year. It is the amount we show together with your montly payments and shows that you have made it.

From the point of view of creditors and credit bureaus, this is still regarded as short-term indebtedness. Also, returning to your query about why some credit card accounts other than others are covered. Frequently, this is due to the fact that some credit cards companies notify different information statuses to the credit bureau.

It is very specific for some, while for others it is general and only shows whether you have payed on schedule. This I know is bewildering - we are agreed that there should be a better degree of coherence in the issuers' reports. Lastly, your questions as to why a map can appear, but without the necessary expenditure and payment information.

It' difficult to say without verifying your bank details, but I wonder if this is a customer loyalty or not? In the case of a customer credit voucher which must be paid out each and every calendar year, the issued security must not be reported to us as a short-term liability, so that the monthly debit is zero.

It' s interesting to add that we fully concur that the credit reference market is bewildering and our aim is to make this much more clear.

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