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One loan

In principle, it is agreed that a lender can declare a loan due at any time after the occurrence of a default event, unless it is remedied or cancelled within a certain grace period. Requests for loans must be received at least six months before the opening of the exhibition. Terms and condition of loans - The National Archives

Discovery, the new catalog of The National Archives, informs about our files. You can also find many pictures of your document and parts of your document available on Discovery via the 'Image Viewer'. Upon applying for a credit, the borrowing party must specify exactly which folio or folios are to be used. Borrowers may use the National Archives research services to find a proper Folio.

As a rule, the eligibility of an item on lend is evaluated by the National Archives' collection support team. As a rule, the originals are escorted to and from the exhibit by a nominated member of the National Archives preservation personnel, who may revoke the borrowed originals at their own option if they are not satisfied with the terms and circumstances at the nominated location.

As a rule, we do not borrow more than ten papers for an exhibit. Borrowers are liable for the expenditure of the National Archives in granting a credit, including: accommodation costs for the National Archives employee accompanying the object. As a rule, this is a flat rate that is directly payable to the employee.

Excess funds are refunded to the debtor via the bill we sent you. As soon as your credit has been evaluated, we will prepare a quote. In the event that the credit is terminated for any reasons whatsoever, all appropriate expenses accrued up to that point shall be charged to the Mortgagor. The National Archives does not endorse or make available any document for display or display outside its display cabinets without the prior permission of The National Archives.

Once installed in the display case for the show, the documentation must remain uninterrupted - except in an urgent case - until the show is disassembled. A document is loaned to a particular university. Registration for a travelling exposition is not possible. Do not apply any kind of adhesive to the document.

Any material used in cases with which the document may come into direct contact must be acid-free and free from harmful substances. Maintenance activities of any kind other than those in the National Archives or when the National Archives personnel are present may not be used. Photographing is only permitted with the prior permission in writing of The National Archives or its employee, who will determine the appropriate illumination levels at their sole option.

Backup photocopies are made of all objects before they are sent to the National Archives. If you wish to request a copy, please order it by contact the picture database. Each caption or credits used for exhibition purpose and any descriptions in a catalog must indicate that the documents have been borrowed from "The National Archives, UK" and give The National Archives the indication located in Discovery, our catalog.

A copy of the catalog must be sent free of cost to The National Archives. Showrooms must be fully secured and protected and take appropriate safety precautions before objects are loaned. The National Security Advisor assesses all credit institutions.

Borrower are requested to provide facilities and safety records for the site of the exhibit. Each document must be exhibited in a sealed showcase. Every other type of presentation, in particular mountings for walls, must be coordinated with the Collection Maintenance Department of the National Archives. Documentation must be placed in their cabinets by the National Archives' escort or an authorized agent to monitor the case.

The National Archives can specify an alert case. The necessary ambient requirements are determined in advance of the rental contract and depend on the type of exhibit. Meals, drinks and tobacco may not be permitted on the fair grounds. In each case, the National Archives shall establish the necessary insured value.

Insurances must be provided by and at the cost of the Mortgagor. National Archives or an authorized agent will package all objects for transportation to and from the exhibit. Borrowers must store the packing material securely during the fair so that it can be used to retrieve the exhibited wares.

National Archives assembles all exhibits in agreement with the organizers. Where this is not possible, the exhibit shall be organised by or under the authority of the escort of the National Archives' personnel or an authorized person in accordance with a previously approved draft. Neither the holders nor the weighing devices may be dismantled or altered in any way during the fair.

Every article on borrowing is accompanied by a status check, which must be arranged with the borrowing party prior to disbursement. At the end of the show, the reports must be reviewed and voted on. The objects should leave just before the start of the show in order to minimize the risks and prevent discomfort for the National Archives reader.

Borrowers will be contacted by us with respect to the forwarder and the transportation and travelling provisions arranged by the borrowers. In the case of foreign loans, the debtor is in charge of the appointment of a maritime officer, provided that the National Archives approve the appointment; the maritime officer handles the necessary custom procedures. Every item must be travelled under the permanent watchful eye of the National Archives personnel or an authorized person, even if this requires the acquisition of additional aeroplane seating.

Loans may not be unwrapped unless they are unwrapped by National Archives personnel or an authorized agent for inspection at any time during each itinerary. Lent originals may not be kept in a location other than the specified place of issue unless this has been expressly arranged with the National Archives.

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