A Payday Advance Loan

One payday advance loan

That's a really bad idea. These are available in the shops on Hauptstra├če and on the Internet. The number of retirees looking for a payday loan has almost doubled in just two years.

Scandalous new numbers show that the number of over 65-year-olds who have topped up their pensions in just two years with cash aid has nearly halved - by 95. Up to 1.4 million retirees are now among the world' top 10 per cent of the UK's population - up from 1 million in 2015.

Within two years, the median loan amount has risen by 80 pounds, from 302 pounds in 2015 to 382 pounds in 2017. "Those numbers indicate that more and more older adults are making a decent pension and still fighting to make ends meet. Retirement is a time of change. "Nowadays, as a community, we run the danger of believing that every elderly citizen is doing well, but the latest numbers on pensioners' misery clearly show that it is rising again.

"State pensions have never been so important in the struggle against pensioners' impoverishment, but often more help is available to those most in need. Up to £3.5 billion for 9 million poor retired persons. 8 billion cash payments are not used by the elderly every year. Turn2Us, a nationwide organization that assists those in need to gain social services, charity subsidies and other forms of funding, says: "There is a disproportionately large number of women retired who seek our help".

Retired people often miss out on state assistance to which they are due, such as pension credits and winter fuel payments.

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