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Four different abbey mortgages are on offer: fixed rate mortgages, tracker interest rate mortgages, lifetime tracker mortgages and flexible offset mortgages. To ask or lodge a complaint about PPI, contact Abbey National. Please use the following information to get in touch with Abbey National to verify if you have had PPI, are complaining about selling PPI, or are asking about selling PPI. Occasionally, another company may have taken PPI complaint responsibilities from the initial vendor, mostly because it purchased its PPI store.

On these occasions, the particulars we give are for the company that is now in charge of examining your complaints and not for the first. Use the free PPI complaints template (link is external) (DOC) to declare your entitlement. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help completing the complaints forms.

Or you can send your own letters to substantiate your claims.

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Abbey National Buildings Society was founded in 1944 after the fusion of two smaller savings banks. Abbey National was renamed Santander UK in 2010 along with Bradford & Bingley and the Leicester Banking Society. Four different abbey mortgages are on offer: static mortgages, tracking mortgages, lifetime tracking mortgages and flex offsets mortgages.

Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, so clients are encouraged to seek guidance before selecting a particular item over another. Abbey fixed-rate mortgages allow clients to obtain a set interest for two to five years. The Abbey allows up to 10% of the amount of the loan to be paid back over a twelve months term (repayment must be at least £500).

Abbey's trackers keep tracking the Bank of England's key interest rates for up to three years before the mortgages switch back to the default floating interest rates. Life-time Abbey Mortgages tracking the Bank of England prime rates for the entire term of the Abbey mortgages tracking life-time trackers. The Abbey Flex Offsets mortgages allow clients to combine their saving with a mortgages balance and only earn interest on the balance.

The abbey's interest rates on mortgages differ from Month to Month. What do you mean?

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