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Amro Mortgage Group vs. Mccann. The Mortgage Association of Finland, Hypo (FI). The Mortgage Group (ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep) and ABN AMRO International recognised this early on and are now working on a customer-oriented strategy.

With ABN Amro IT, mortgage misconduct is partly to be blamed

While ABN Amro has sacked a number of mortgage consultants who falsified customer signature documents in reworked documents, the Netherlands based financial institution also took its part of the fall after an inquiry found that clashing IT and bad governance were the main reasons. The ABN Amro has published a review of the case which states that 114 of its mortgage agents in 2013-2016 copies customer autographs and in some cases falsifies them to complete modified requests.

Only a small number of the parties, however, were sacked following an in-house inquiry that placed a large part of the debt directly on the banks' shoulder and its own in-house processes. One of the findings of the study was that the consultants were working with an IT system that was not optimally supported and that the different IT architectures were not always mutually interoperable.

"That' s why they often had to resolve things manual, which led to a delay in the process," says the ban. And there was too much detachment between the staff who created new mortgage insurance policy and the IT system developer on the one side and the consultants who have to work with those policy and system on the other.

ABN Amro CEO Frans valor Horst says: "Every copy of a petition is one too many - that's not acceptable.

New10 ABN Amro on-line credit extension start-up opened for businesses New10

An ABN Amro promises creditworthy small companies a 15-minute approval process for a lending request through their own Start-up New10. EUR 20,000 to EUR 1 million for New10 lending. Claimant selects reason, amount and duration of mortgage and then loads transactions and balance sheets.

As Mark Schröder, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of New10, says, "The requester receives an reply within 15 mins. The last stage is for the petitioner to provide electronic ID and for the contract to be electronically executed. The New10 is run as an autonomous company with its own office, away from the established corporate and IT cultures of the mother company.

This is not the first occasion that the Netherlands banks have followed the start-up track, with mortgage lender Florius and portable payment application Tuikkie following a similar development. ABN Amro's Daphne de Kluis, Chief Executive Officer of ABN Amro Corporate Finance, said: "New10 represents our entrepreneurial vision for digitization and discovery. Combining the expertise and expertise of the firm with the capabilities and concepts available outside the firm.

New10' s fully digitized solution meets the needs of a rapidly expanding group of companies who want to do everything online."

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