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The Dutch still do not like the use of bank accounts, despite the benefits. In the Netherlands, the attractiveness of plastic credits is always lagging behind many other European states. In the past year, the Dutch purchased 160 million goods or service items with a single payment order - an increase of more than 10% over 2016. Nevertheless, the use of credits has a long way to go to get the remainder of the globe, and the modest pen cash - which last year was used 3.8 billion fold to shop in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands there are many different maps, so why do the Netherlands hesitate so much to use them? This may have something to do with the economic attitudes of the Netherlands themselves: they are highly hostile to debts. It' s not strange that the words blame and debts are the same term in the Netherlands - blame.

Failure to accept credits in the Netherlands can cause difficulties for visitors and newcomers, especially if they do not (yet) have a Netherlands citizen or Maestro direct debit at all. To pay with a Visa in a cash or even in a grocery store may be quite common at home, but is often not possible in the Netherlands, even in the big city.

Nevertheless, around 55 per cent of the Netherlands have at least one major debit which they use mainly for holiday abroad or on-line purchases. nl has an easy-to-use compare page that allows you to find a Netherlands based payment method that meets your needs. You work with several financial institutions and third-party lenders such as ICS, ABN Amro, Knab and American Express.

Finally, the major benefit of a major payment method is that it is globally acceptable. In addition, a debit should be a comfortable way to manage your hotels and rental cars, as well as top up your Spotify accounts on-line. In addition, all (online) sales by means of your bank transfer are covered for at least 180 consecutive business days by insurance against thievery, losses and damages.

Don't lose sight of the fact that a bank transfer is useful for emergency purposes, e.g. if you have to make a payment but don't have any money or residual funds in your bankroll. APR for Netherlands is between 12% and 14%. However, only between a fifth and a fourth of Netherlands citizens use late payment to settle their bank debts.

The majority of individuals punctually pays their monthly invoices by automatic debiting. Furthermore, pre-paid calling plans are also enjoying growing demand. More or less this kind of smart calling works like a pre-paid telephone - you first have to put funds in your smart calling number before you can use it.

With a new EU Banks Guideline (PSD2), the cost of making transactions with your online store via your online payment service is a thing of the past. Under the new policy, consumers will also be able to exchange their accounts with authorised third party banks or financial institutions. This and the progressive dismantling of currency - there are several retailers in the Netherlands that only allow payment by car - will also increase the use of payment methods in the Netherlands.

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