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Fortunately, our sports accident insurance offers the opportunity to add income protection to your policy to cover you in such cases. Insurance for sports accidents also includes personal injury, liability, legal fees, bone fracture and physiotherapy coverage and much more than standard. Check out the range of accident insurance Aviva has to offer so you can protect yourself and your family. l Back or knee injuries. The Colonial Life Accident Insurance is designed to help you fill some of the gaps caused by rising deductibles, co-payments and expenses associated with an accident.

Find out more about personal accident insurance can cover unexpected injuries and death, and how life insurance can help protect you and your loved ones.


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Qualified employee for sport accident insurance

Exercising the game can be disappointing. Fortunately, our sports accident insurance offers the opportunity to include income protection in your insurance that covers you in such cases. Insurance for sports accidents also covers bodily harm, third party insurance, attorneys' costs, fracture and physical therapy coverage and much more than that.

No matter whether you regularly practice sports, e.g. are a Sunday Football player or only participate in a one-off meeting, our sports accident insurance covers you. On your way to your sports destination oversee? If so, our sports insurance is just the thing for you. While it works in the same way as standard trip insurance, it also covers you from injury or expense that may result from your sports activity.

They are insured for the above mentioned types of sporting activities as well as for all types of sporting activities in groups 1, 2 and 3. Guideline type: When you are going abroad, take a look at our Insurance for Travelling Activities to get coverage for your entire journey, or if you already have insurance but need additional coverage for your sporting activities for one or more days, take a look at our Insurance for Increased Activities.

Our sports accident insurance is available throughout the world, but does not provide coverage for overseas treatments or expatriation. Because of your occupation category, we are able to better comprehend our clients and determine the duration of your absence if you have an accident while participating in your selected work.

This also allows us to determine the premiums we apply if you choose personal insurance coverage on the following page. These include administration, management and office duties, as well as all other seated employees. Surveillance of hand work, easy hand work. These include physicians, nursing staff, consultants and industrial masters as well as all other easy work.

Travel sale, handwork, self-employed, businessman (if not in category D). These include butchers, electrical technicians, mechanical and electrical engineering, gypsum makers, mechanical engineers and carpenters. Driver, hard work. These include truckers, cabbies, aviators, fishers, agricultural labourers, construction labourers, factory operators and all other difficult work. All sports accident insurance plans may include the following points:

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