Accredited Credit Counseling

Credit Advice Accredited

Has the agency been licensed and accredited? Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Diploma awarded by the Institute for Counseling. They must receive credit advice from an accredited agency.


Our concern is for the protection of the data and our customers' data, and we use the highest levels of encoding to handle your payments. It is our commitment to provide our subscribers with the highest levels of protection for their transactions, to protect their information and to fight cheating. A " A " credential with the Better Business Bureau means that we are there for our client!

Our goal is to provide you with the highest possible service, and we understand the issues of responsibility. BetterBusinessBureau ( "BBB") goes through an accreditation procedure with each and every enterprise applying for accreditation. The BBB uses this to review the BBB's corporate story, the nature of the transaction, corporate spendings, backgrounds, commitments to high ethics and commercial compliance, necessary competence licenses, and appropriate publicity.

And we are proud to have an "A" rating from the GermanBB. EOUST's Executive Office manages the licensing procedure for each of the licensed vendors applying for a license within 48 states (excluding AL & NC). EOUST is honoured to be able to meet the high quality requirements it sets both for the agencies and the training sessions.

You really want the best for those who will follow the course directions and demand only the best from the licensed vendors. We are proud to be a US trustee accredited vendor offering these classes. AFCPE is a non-profit, non-profit, professional organisation dedicated to the support, promotion and development of finance advisory and planbuilding.

AFCPE affiliation helps us achieve our objectives as teachers and advisors to those who seek to improve their finances. The members can expand their networks of collegues in research, teaching and practical work. The half-yearly Research Journal of Finance Counseling and Planning and the member-only month-by-month e-Announcements keep us abreast of all changes in the business that enable us to better service our customers.

She is proud to be a member of AFCPE.

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