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The crackdown down on payday lending is hurting the poor Paid loan and pawnbroker are a feature shared by the high street of the country today as they have been for hundreds of years. We now have a peak and many publics speeches from policymakers claiming that the payday lending companies' operations are not competitive and against the general interest. Economically, too, such an approach would be out of place and would damage the needy for the help it is meant to help. The majority of assaults on payday mortgages and pawnshops actually quote winking interest rates, but that is profoundly deceptive. However, these only hold if the loan is to be paid back over a longer term with a maturity of almost one year or more.

As a matter of fact, payday credits are almost always disbursed by payday creditors over a very brief amount of money (usually one to two days), so the actual amount of interest actually disbursed is nothing like that proposed. Such credits are not meant for large acquisitions or long-term service - they are meant to cover the need for liquidity at very shorter notice.

It is a way of providing very needy persons (and others) with the short-term liquid funds they need. It is based on the only kind of safety that many impoverished persons have, the prospective earnings from jobs or private property. Being such, short-term creditors like payday loan businesses are very precious, and their lack would make short-term tillage earnings much more serious and damaging than they would otherwise have to be for many individuals.

For example, if very short-term funds are needed to cover a supply bill, it is far better to provide immediate access to funds and pay the bill at the last minute than if someone switches off the electricity or is put on a penalty plan that would last much longer.

In France and Germany, for example, interest rate cap prices collapsed - such as insolvency - and among those with problems with their debts, this increased to fivefold the British average. More likely still, the need for these types of credit would continue, but would now be covered by truly unappetizing personalities. When you want to help loan sharks and low living creditors, it's the right way to restrict legit companies like Wonga.

At the same time, they are complaining that the big banking institutions are not granting enough credits to relatively high-risk small enterprises. Indeed, it would be a serious mistake to give policymakers the prudence to decide which interest rate should warrant which loan.

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