Additional Loan

Supplementary loan

You can apply for an additional loan online if you already have a TSB private loan and would like to borrow a little more. Learn how cheap our loans are. Where can I get more? It is easy to submit your application if you would like to lend more. If you lend more, we won't be adding any cash to your loan.

We' re gonna take out a new loan. There are two options: request an additional loan to keep it separated, or request a bigger loan to consolidated (repay) your current loan.

We will ask you if you wish to proceed to consolidation when you reach the appropriate part of the request from. All you have to do is request the additional amount you would like to lend. When your pending account plus the bonus you would like to lend..... Under £25,000: Just request the surcharge you wish to use.

Their new loan will be a seperate monetary installment. You must validate (pay out) your current loan with your new loan. Use a new, bigger loan to consolidated (repay) your current loan and you will not be billed any prepayment charges. We will ask you if you wish to apply for consolidation when you reach the appropriate part of the request for consolidation.

Select how much you want to lend and for how long. Don't be afraid, it won't influence your credibility. Once the funds are cleared, they will be with you within 3 business days (or 1 business working date if you select our £10 quick track option).

Supplementary borrowings

Charge your current loan to a max of £20,000 credit limit. If you load a loan, we don't really throw in cash. Instead, we have a new loan for the remainder and the additional amount you want to lend. We will then repay your old loan from this amount, take 50 pounds of administrative costs from your saved funds backed against the loan, and deposit the new amount into your bankroll.

This new loan may have a different interest rates than your original loan, and the maturity may also be different. The members keep paying their periodic saving together with the repayment of their credits and build up a penny for the date of repayment of the loan.

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