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Prepayment of cash benefits

Employees with pink IDs can benefit from the cash prepayments offered online. Home page; Eligible services; Prepayment option cost surcharge.

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Do you need working capitals for your company? Do you have difficulties agreeing a mortgage with your local banking institution? This is a cost-effective option to a small advance that you can pay back directly through your prospective purchases of credits and debits. These types of services are referred to as cash advance.

Withdraw a dealer loan or cash advance and repay with a percent of your everyday debit card-based sales. Your dealer will be able to provide you with a full refund. If you have a cash advance for your company, there are many advantages: To find out more about how a cash advance can help you, please call us on 0800 083 9374 at any time.

Which kinds of companies use this kind of funding? Cash loan funding is perfect for small and middle size companies, especially those that have been traded for over 4 weeks and have at least 2,500 in loyalty cards per transaction per capita. Among the company categories that profit most from this kind of funding are the following:

Yes, and you are eligible to apply: per monthly sale of your customers' credits and debits, your rental agreement or your office? For what can I use the cash loan? It is possible to use the dealer loan according to your wishes in your company.

When your company is affected by the recent flooding, you will get an accelerated response to accessing funds on concessional terms. Financing can be used for repair, replacement of broken inventories or even as interim financing while your company is shut down. Call us at 0800 083 9374 to learn more about this amazing tool and how it could work for your company.

Exclusion of liability: This is a cash credit and NOT a credit instrument.

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