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United States Check Cashing, Louisville, KY. Locations Louisville, Kentucky Financial ServicesCash Advance USA Check Cashing. Advances of cash in a casino are always treated that way. I had to do it at banks, casinos and checks. All wage or salary payments or advances;


Access to global cash

Greektown Casino, Detroit, Mich. - LAS VEGAS - November 24, 2003 - Greektown Casino, Detroit, Mich. and 17 other real estate companies have recently entered into agreements to leverage the cutting-edge product and service offerings of Global Cash Axis ( "GCA"), the premier provider of real-time payment solutions and client relationships management for the online casino games market. From the latest ATM engineologies, to the latest hospitality product offerings, GCA provides a range of GCA branded goods and solutions that help Casino operators better understanding their clients and increasing crowds to games and upcoming venues.

The Greektown Casino has entered into a multi-year license for several GCA gaming and gaming technologies, among them QuikCash Plus (QCP) Web and the award-winning Automatic Cashier Machine Dedicated to the Casino (ACM\\\\SM). GCA's ACM and QCP web technologies are a powerfully combined solution that will further enhance our operating efficiency and deliver a better consumer experiences than conventional payment methods," said Bruce Dall, CFO of Greektown Casino.

We are very excited to be continuing our relationships with Greektown Casino," said Diran Kludjian, GCA's executive VP of North America and Fine Art Entertainment at GCA. Greektown is an industrial pioneer in the implementation of technologies to increase customer services, and the use of our product will help us increase the overall gameplay quality.

The ACM is an intelligent ATM that uses face biometric detection to provide its customers with rapid entry to a variety of coin handling facilities and other recreational needs in a unified station - without the help of caged personnel. Versatile ATM, advance payment for debt and charge cards, TeleCheck Check Warranty, Western Union Money Transfer and QuikCredit.

Benefactors can also use free promotions and vouchers at the ACM, which improves overall client care and experiences. The QCP Web is a full-service deal handling system for cages, which rationalizes the operation of online casinos and boosts gambling revenue. QCP Web enables online merchants to handle a variety of online and offline payments from a single machine, providing a safe, browser-based interface for online merchants to perform a variety of payment activities, such as advance payment, TeleCheck Check Warranty, Western Union Money Transfer, QuikCredit and Central credit.

Web QCP accelerates the transactions lifecycle by reconciling client profile with GCA's data base, eliminating the need for human intervention and providing customers with quicker turnaround. Besides Greektown Casino, these are real estate companies that have recently entered into contracts with GCA: - Synch: Travis - Transcript: Raceman

  • Cin-Ae Heights Bingo and Casino - Trinidad, California - Chinook Winds Gaming & Convention Center - Lincoln, Ore - Clovis 500 Club - Clovis, California - Club Cal Neva Hotel Casino - Reno, Nev. - Euroregional Casino Hotel - Mesquite, Nev. - Hotel & Casino Golden Phoenix - Reno, Nev.
  • Hotel Oasis Resort Casino, Golf & Spa - Mesquite, Nev. - Laughlin River Palms Resort Casino, Nev. - San Manuel Indian Casino - Highland, California - Virgin River Hotel & Casino - Mesquite, Nev. On Global Cash Access and First Data Corp. Global Cash Access (GCA) headquartered in Las Vegas, in which First Data Corp. holds a controlling interest.

is the world's leading provider of financial resources, financial resources and financial management solutions for approximately 1,000 real estate gambling customers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. GCA provides over 10 million gamers around the world from the world' top 10 million gamers in the biggest online gambling databases in the business, and is widely recognised for successfully delivering and leveraging technology innovation that increases revenue, operating efficiencies and retention.

Headquartered in Denver, Denver, the FDC (NYSE: FDC) supports the international business community. With around 3 million retail outlets, 1,400 issuing companies and million users, First Data makes it simple, quick and safe for individuals and companies to buy goods and provide value with almost any method of payment: loan, direct debiting, smartcard, prepaid cards or cheques at the point of Sale, over the web or by bank wire.

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