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Mortgages residential, buy to let mortgages, equity release mortgages, commercial mortgages. Learn more about Compliance Advisory Services. Hypotheken-Beratungstool Eligible for funding is removed from steady modus

Now the new finetech Start-up Éligible comes with an offer that will help mortgage consultants and financiers competing with the new stream of online brokerage out of nowhere. Entitled customers have been in the betas phase with their first customer for three month and anticipate that they will announce new transactions soon. Providing a true enabler, the Eureligible ecosystem provides mortgage consultants and creditors with the right instruments to enhance consumer convertibility and loyalty by enhancing their relationship with them.

Mortgage Watch ", its introductory products, targets the UK re-mortgage mortgage markets with a SaaS scheme that monetizes it with a one-month subscriptions plus a transformation charge. £225 billion per annum is the UK mortgage subprime mortgage business, of which 70% comes from brokers who are expected to generate 1 billion in £1 billion in sourcing costs per annum.

Eligible's Mortgage Watch, with or without CRM integrated, uses intelligent algorithmic tools to diligently administer and analyze customer information from lenders and advisors and determine when home owners have the ability to take out a new mortgage. It analyzes the entire credit provider mortgage lending industry to compare consumer behavior with the right mortgage products and generates real-time alarms.

That means Eligible's customers will not miss any re-mortgage for their customers. Eligible's Eligible private labelling solution also allows consultants and creditors to offer an end-to-end end-to-end electronic travel experience that allows customers to close their application smoothly and easily. With a view to the near term, Eligible is in late talks with a few top real estate and mortgage credit companies.

They have great ambitions for their softwares, as well as the lenders PI integrations, which could allow their intermediaries to provide immediate mortgage approvals, which means the whole thing could be reduced from a few week to a few hours . Established by Rameez Zafar and Hasan Mustafa, both senior finance professionals with decade-long working experiences with the UK's major banking institutions, Eligible is headquartered at Level 39 Finetech Inkubator in Canary Wharf.

And Rameez Zafar, co-founder of Eligible, said: "Our aim is to make the mortgage lending lifecycle quick and easy for advisers, creditors and home owners all. The best way to do this, we think, is through a B2B2C paradigm that allows hundreds of thousand of experienced reliable consultants to use better technologies and advanced algorithmic tools in their work.

Eligible keeps all your information amazingly safe with the access benefits of a cloud-based solution and the rugged safety characteristics of an on-line financial system.

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