Affordable Debt Consolidation

Accessible debt consolidation

Six sponsors supported the offering, among them a subsidiary of the investment company. Six sponsors supported the offering, among them a subsidiary of the investment company. The Bank of America Merrill Lynch served as placing agency for the funds. The AURA invests in affordable living primarily through the Low Income Tax Credit (LIHTC) programme. The Debt Finance Facility provides debt finance for affordable residential complexes that also have LIHTC participations outside this facility.

Taxpayer Refund ProgramThe LLCTT Program is a dollars taxpayer refund authorization system created to promote enlisted man skin skin in superior, cheap dwelling for low-income unit. In general, the LHTC is considered to be one of the most efficient government building programmes in the USA with more than 2 years. Public sector utilities manage the LIHTC and prioritise properties that benefit the least affluent lessees and ensure affordable long-term accommodation.

As soon as a building is constructed, the state authorities are in charge of the yearly supervision of the LIHTC-buildings. "AURA' s broad capabilities have enabled us to build this third-party funds platforms alongside our more sophisticated equity platforms, giving our shareholders the ability to enter this social responsibility segment of the market," said Lynn Ambrosy, Vice President of Real Estate Distributions and Client Management at AURA.

"We are a global leader in innovation for socially responsible investments, striving to deliver powerful yields with appropriate risk while fulfilling a vision to fulfill the affordable needs of Americans. "Providing everyone with affordable, secure and convenient homes is essential to the socio-economic prosperity of our societies. The AURA will also assume responsibility for day-to-day supervision of the debt funds, credit serving and portfolio administration throughout the debt fund's term.

"Our knowledge of taxi credits equities syndications, corporate mortgages, lendings and loan services positions us well to support this kind of perpetual mortgages fund," says Lynn Ambrosy. As of September 30, 2017, AURA managed more than $3.9 billion in income taxes and more than $11 billion in corporate mortgages for its affiliated and unaffiliated customers.

At AURA, we provide property assets managed and consulting ser-vices - comprising fiscal credits, corporate mortgages, affordable residential construction debt, and various other personal and financial assets- to affiliated and non-affiliated corporate customers. In the property sector, AURA has earned an excellent name for itself for its multifaceted property experience and powerful financial capabilities.

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