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Daily credit card - credit transfer You receive with the everyday credit card: A 3% charge is levied at the end of the 0% periode for the transmission of account balance. In the case of new acquisitions and pending transfers of account and balances, interest shall be calculated at the default buying interest of 18. 9 per cent p.a. (variable) for card sales.

9 per cent APR representative (variable) assuming a credit line of £1,200. There are a number of credit card options available. Credit card details on this page are valid for new requests from 13 January 2018. Deposit from 100 to 95% of your credit line. We may allow you to make a portion of a credit transaction if your entire transaction exceeds your available credit line.

After expiry of the 0% tender deadline, interest will be calculated at the level of the 18 percent default interest rat. Just sign up for online or mobile banking and activate the Retailer Offers to receive them: The Retailer Offers is only available for some extra credit card owners, see Retailer Offers for more information.

It is your responsibility to use and pay for the extra tickets. After registration, you can unsubscribe via online banking, by telephone or at your nearest office. 9 per cent p.a. (variable) for card sales. 9 per cent APR representative (variable) assuming a credit line of £1,200.

When you want to review one of your card accounts for the last 4 years, take a look at it with your account with Mobilbank. Please email me the hyperlink to get hyperlinks to our portable applications, video, guides and fact sheets that can help you with your online & portable business needs. It is very important that you keep your bank information confidential and safe.

Don't ever type in your online banking information after you' ve clicked on a hyperlink in an e-mail or text messaging. For the full copy, please refer to the Everyday Credit Card Key Facts Document, which can be downloaded from the above links. Will a credit card be the right one for my credit needs?

Credit cards can be very costly if you don't watch how you use them. It' s best if you can cash out the full amount quickly. There is no recurring payment for this credit card, and there is no credit transaction payment transaction fees that will be charged during the launch phase.

We can modify the charges (including the per month charge and the credit charge change) and interest rate on your card. What do I have to owe under the credit contract? When you miss several refunds, your creditworthiness can be compromised and you can be taken to court.

Your opinion can be changed up to 14 working days after receiving your card. Within the framework of your request, you can choose how we should increase your credit line in the near term.

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