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End of payday loans?

Payment day creditors must adhere to hard new regulations that could force many out of business, was today heralded. Creditors will not be permitted to calculate more than 100 percent of the costs of a credit in the form of interest and other fees, said the Financial Conduct Authority. At present, companies such as Wonga, Quickquid and Moneyshop often borrow small sums of around 50 to 3,000 pounds for brief durations at interest levels of up to 6,000 percent per annum.

regulators have lowered the costs of short-term loans after causing discomfort to those who are in debts. As of January next year, they can only calculate 0.8 percent per annum - or a 100 percent limit over the duration of a credit.

Britain's largest short-term borrower Wonga says on its website that its average interest rates are 5.853 per cent a year. However, what do the changes mean for the borrower - and is this the end of payday creditors? Costs for all charges and interest may not be higher than 0.8 per cent per day of the amount lent.

Borrower may never have to repay more in charges and interest than the amount taken up. Standard charges must not be more than £15. Creditors must register on a comparative website to allow prospective debtors to benchmark the costs of different loans. You also need to divide your credit information in real-time so that a creditor can see at any moment whether a prospective client has already pending loans.

Governors, philanthropists and policymakers have been saying for month that something needs to be done to help cashless borrower avoid the breathtaking interest rate, unjustified surcharges and indebtedness cycle associated with payday loans. Financial Conduct Authority believe it has found this balance and that its stringent new regulations will spare borrower an estimated 193 a year on aggregate 250 million in total saving.

However, while borrower will be saving cash, the upper limit is expected to result in the sector losing around 420 million in pounds of revenue. All this good information fororrowers? Consumers praise this as good information for borrower groups. What? CEO Richard Lloyd said the move "offers promise for million of borrower stagnating in a credit cycle".

This ceiling will mean that those already facing cash problems will not find themselves in a poorer situation than before borrowing due to implacable charges and fines. Borrower will also be able to verify if they receive the best offer if payday creditors are compelled to publish their credit details online on a comparative website.

Currently, it is hard to really measure the real value of a mortgage because creditors have different charges, interest rate and conditions. This new website can only be good for the borrower: more price visibility could also enhance competitiveness between creditors, who want to outperform each other in price.

However, the payday loans industries argue that not all borrower will profit from the changes. Representing some of the best-known short-term creditors, the Consumer Finance Association considers that those who receive loans refused under the Ordinance will instead turn to illicit dogfish. They argue that it meets a need; after the squeeze many of the conventional ways of granting loans such as bank loans or bank credits have become dry, but the demand for a little free money to bridge people's gap is not.

Instead, without having recourse to payday loans, individuals will have to pay fees for lost pay, they say. Just a fourth of the population turned around for loans under stricter loan approval conditions, saying that they were better off not getting the cash; the remainder were fees for missing a payment. Regulators need to carefully supervise and act to ensure that illicit creditors do not close the loan shortfall.

Is that the end of payday creditors? According to one Economist who conducted the research underlying today's announcements, creditors face "destruction" if they do not modify their methods. Nottingham School of Economics Dr John Gathergood said creditors have proven to be the "villains of the UK recession" and predict that all creditors on the main road could be closed as a consequence of the policies.

They have higher cost than online financiers, and the maximum rate is probably too low to keep them profitable. However, they have a higher cost than online financiers. It added that all creditors will let their gains drop greatly and many creditors will not be able to survive. However, it was not possible for them to make a profit. Mr. Adam Freeman, creator of the payday lending company Mr. Lavender, continued on sentence to say that he thought around three fourths of the lending companies could leave the open mortgage business in the next few months. Now, the company is looking at the possibility of a new one.

I think the FCA has it just right and its suggestion will clear the sector, as it will be the creditors who will make the right valuations of the affordable nature and controls of clients who will be able to maintain trade in this marketplace," he said. The sector has been affected by creditors with aggressively collected money, laughable lending interest and a reckless stance towards the borrowers, and we will see how these creditors (probably more than 75 per cent) leave the markets in the next few month.

He added that Mr Lender planned to be one of the first firms to propose the new maximum rates suggested by the FCA on 1 December. Numerous creditors have already left the markets - in 2013 alone even 19. Survivors need to significantly alter their businesses; many could be much smaller.

Wonga's new CEO at the beginning of the year acknowledged that creditors must be smaller to survive, and that the buffer gains of their prime are long gone. Since the FCA re-evaluates the licenses of the payday creditors, it is clear that the payday credit sector will never look the same again.

Much fewer actors will be in the sector and those who live will be smaller, more fair and more vibrant.

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