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Yonathan R. Kolodziej. Our staff.

Kolodziej Jonathan advises all kinds of finance services provider on issues relating to regulation oversight, audit and implementation. Throughout this work, he has supported banking and non-banking mortgage services organizations, mortgage givers, collection agencies, custodians, charge cards emitters, small US dollars creditors, reverse mortgage giants, securities houses, and various industrial federations.

Jonathan's adherence practices are focused on assisting customers to make sure that their businesses are in accordance with current Federal and State Finance legislation for consumers. As such, he assists customers in assessing the effects of new policies and requirements and in adapting to changes in the regulation landscape. Mr. Jonathan is able to analyse and synthesise sophisticated changes in regulation and then clarify the legislative and operative implications for companies, corporate governance and stakeholder groups.

During the assessment of a company's adherence to regulations or the start of the implementing processes of a regulation amendment, he guides customers through gaps analysis, risks assessment and specific reviews. It reviews and provides regular feedbacks on policies and procedures, communications and trainings module. Understanding and appreciating that in a tightened regulated world, the capacity to demonstrate your adherence is often as important as the actual adherence.

In this capacity, it ensures that guidelines, processes, training and supervisory capabilities are in place to assist banks in structuring their day-to-day business and are designed to enable a company to quickly and clearly prove conformity with state and state regulatory authorities. Jonathan provides regular assistance during audits and other reviews in administering and preparing replies to supplementary inquiries, designing effective audit strategy, refuting interim evidence, and reacting to alleged infringements.

Mr. Benn has assisted customers in investigations conducted by various government regulators, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Multistate Mortgage Company (MMC), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Jonathan's knowledge of clients' operating structure and governing laws also enables him to help respond to claims and accusations of breaches of regulation by debtors, prosecutors and other regulators.

Due to his knowledge of various Swiss finance statutes and rules, Jonathan has lectured on Mortgage Bankers Associations I and II at the Schools of Mortgage Banking I and II. It is also a regular lecturer at online seminars and lectures by professional associations on questions of adherence to rules.

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