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Visumsfrage Excuse after handling payments causes devastation | City & Economy | Finances gigya.socialize.showShareBarUI(showShareBarUI_params); Millions of Britons couldn't use their cards last night, causing a sensation. In the meantime Visa has excused itself and said that'it has lagged far behind its target' to guarantee a reliable functioning of the cards at all moments, but assures clients that Visa is now working'close to the ''normal level''.

On Friday evening, a Visa spokesperson said: "This morning Visa had a system breakdown that affected clients across Europe. "It is our aim to make sure that all Visa cards function 24 and 365 business hours/year. "Today we are far behind this target and apologize to all our affiliates and especially to Visa card holders.

"Now Visa card holders can use their Visa cards as we are currently working at a near-moderate level. "It was a consequence of a computer malfunction. Of course, the Bank of England was in contact with Visa about the matter. "It'?s a bloodbath at my Sainsbury's because none of the Visa card presses are working.

Visas issues: System at "almost zero level" after the failure of the UK and European payments networks.

Visas has said that after a serious failure that has affected European consumers, its system is now working at an "almost ordinary level". Consumers across the UK had said that their cards had been rejected early on Friday so they could not make a purchase. Merchants indicated that they had not been able to receive payment in stores, pubs and other facilities, which forced them to sell only in person.

"Today we are far from achieving this objective and apologize to all our business associates, especially Visa card holders. "Visa card holders can now use their Visa cards, as we are currently working at an almost standard level. Visas subscribers had been sent letters stating that there was a "service interruption", which means that they could not accept or transmit moneys.

Several different banking and other types of institution use Visa's system of credit transfers, so that even some non-visa card operations were affected by the issue. Some of the visa related disbursements could be handled during the period of the difficulties.

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