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Current mortgage news, September 2017

Floating mortgage forever? Having a mortgage is for living, not only for Christmas may not have the same ring to it as the famed pets marketing drive, but lifetime loan may well become a real thing. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in its quaterly consultative document, suggests that only those mortgage repayments that would mean in essence that the borrower would have a lifetime mortgage and could only be paying interest would be returned, with the principal being paid back when they died or were taken up.

This movement, says the regulatory authority, will provide a remedy for those borrower who are caught with pure interest rate mortgage loans, who are nearing the end of their maturity, who do not want to take over an costly share approval scheme (known as a lifelong mortgage). "Only annuity mortgage loans have significantly different risk exposures than life mortgages," the document says.

The consumer is also more aware of the characteristics of a mortgage with interest payment. We believe, however, that there are some risk involved in providing credit without a specific maturity, and suggest adding a small number of extra charges for the sales of these credits.

While the mortgage industy may look towards life long debt, it seems that borrower are certainly up for taking out Mortgages for longer. One of four first-time customers take out a mortgage that lasts 35 years or more, according to a report in the Daily Mirror. 1 per cent of mortgage originations by first-time purchasers in 2016 had maturities of 35 years or longer.

Thus, there is much of customers who would be pleased about the messages that the number of 90% LTV loan on offering is nearing an all-time high. Moneyfacts says the number of mortgage offerings rose by 107 in September to 4,764, with 687 available at 90% LTV, up from 649 last month. Moneyfacts is the world's largest mortgage provider.

Recent high LTV credit records are only 21 higher at 708 higher at 708 (which was reached in April 2008). We are unlikely to see the same number of 95% mortgage deals we saw before the subprime mortgage crises, but this months saw a small drop in the 95% LTV series when the number of available mortgage deals falls by six on a months to 270.

It' s back to college and back to the mortgage industry. Initial purchasers were able to cut their own costs by up to 1,000 by taking out a mortgage at a reduced interest instead of a flat interest instead, according to Moneyfacts' new study. "In spite of the range of initial buyer choices available, many are inclined to adhere to fixed interest rates not only because they are the easiest to comprehend, but also because they are a good way for normally cashless initial purchasers to administer their funds.

Yet since prices are rising for those with 95% LTV, disregarding other choices can be a expensive error. Research found nearly a neighborhood (23%) of house owners are planning to wait until later in their lives to have kids, while 12% will have fewer kids, as a consequence of the additional cost of climbing up the ladder. 12% of house owners are planning to have kids later in their lives.

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