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Please contact Allied Home Mortgage on Messenger. Allied Home Mortgage sued by federal goverment for False Claims Act scams The United States lodged a lawsuit against Allied Home Mortgage, a mortgage lender, in the Southern District of New York on November 1, 2011 for supposedly cheating the federal administration to insure its now defaulting credit. According to the allegation, Allied and CEO Jim Hodge have breached the False Claims Act ("FCA") by providing false information to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to make sure that the corporation can still obtain mortgage backed securities from the Federal Housing Administration ("FHA").

Alleging that the credits filed by Allied with the FHA originate from "shadow" branch offices, which it did not reveal to the authorities, the complainant then unlawfully forwarded these mortgage claims through HUD-certified mortgage outlets in order to prevent recognition by the authorities. In addition, the authorities claim that the Allies have neglected to carry out adequate QC procedures to make sure that drawing requirements are upheld.

Governments are seeking injunctions and triple compensation.

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At Allied Homes, with over 25 years of real estate industry expertise, we have come across all types of real estate, from buy to let with local lessees, in many cases we can put you in contact with current lessors who want to raise their leased real estate or resell their real estate with the lessee.

Also, we can find real estate for new lessors, in the hope of investing in the property for the first want, and provide invaluable guidance on which real estate is best suited to your particular needs. At Allied Homes we offer a range of services, whether you have an apartment or a range of apartments.

Alleied Home Mortgage sues for cheating charges

Allied Home Mortgage, one of the biggest US mortgage banks, is facing a billion-dollar suit after US attorneys claimed to have participated in ruthless credit granting tactics. Mentioned also in the complaint lodged by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan is the founding father of Allied, James Hodge, who is charged with having created a "culture of corruption" within the group.

Allegations are made that he submitted incorrect QC reporting and established "shadow" branch offices outside the scope of state regulatory oversight. Hodge is also charged with having access to the program by concealing the criminal sentences of his associates and penalties against allies from state regulatory authorities.

More than $834 million is alleged to have been disbursed between 2001 and 2010 by the Allied Default Mortgage Program. Attorneys are demanding a $2.5 billion compensation, which means that Allied Home Mortgage will have to depend strongly on its liability professionals if it is to lose the case.

So far, the enterprise and also Mr. Hodge have expressed their opinion on the complaint.

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