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Recognize that you hold people's life in your hands by clicking on the map members' buttons in a poll. They fire group establish off the kin idea of a approval cardboard and it's good, not your area aid and their devoted, ambitious product motivation. A great place to work that our members are totally excited about. Enlist more passionate professionals and do everything they can to serve our members.

Client interviews are great when you do a great job. That'?s what you get. Deal with the needs of your people. Don't concentrate so much on the client. When you take good care of your staff, they take good look after the customers! There' a whole bunch of advantages to working here. The work in the travelling section enabled us to benefit from various travelling advantages.

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The GCR 100 - Brazil

BARBOSA, MÜSSNICH & ARAGÃO ADVOGADOS now has 35 attorneys dealing with antitrust matters, among them three sponsors of Marcos Exposto in 2017 and four Senior Associates. In her extensive mergers and conduct cases, Barbara Rosenberg manages the law office for our principals DuPont, Cisco, Latam and BASF.

In the field of mergers, BM&FBOVESPA - Latin America's biggest listed company - provided advice on the consolidation of its activities with Cetip, the biggest Latin American security clearance agency. In addition, BMA took the leadership for DuPont in the major agricultural chemicals fusion with Dow and is currently engaged in negotiations with CADE on remedial actions - both those requested by overseas plant health and materials science authorities and those of domestic concern, particularly in the maize seed area.

Regarding the implementation of matters, BMA represented a business in the on-going, comprehensive "Operation Clean " inquiry into an allegation of a bid rigging system in several tender procedures, which it has identified as the biggest case of behaviour ever examined in Brazil. For many years, BMA has been an integral part of antitrust work and has represented plaintiffs and respondents in several cases worldwide.

Consistent with the desire of the executive directors, Carlos Francisco de Magalhães and Gabriel Nogueira Dias, to promote organic expansion, the company has recruited three new collaborators, four new staff members, five collaborators and 20 other lawyers and lawyers dealing with competitive affairs. An important aspect of the team's work is to represent Bayer in the agreement with Monsanto.

Nestlé purchased Garoto in another case in 2004, but kept it separated following CADE's dispute of the transaction, which has been in legal proceedings for more than a decade. However, in 2004, Nestlé did not acquire Garoto. As Magalhães e Dias has worked on the CADE litigation and can definitively settle the case after 16 years and dispel the enforcer's anti-trust objections, the result will create an important legal benchmark for litigation settled in mergers, the company stated.

The Magalhães e Dias Group has also been implicated in several behaviour cases, among them on-going inquiries into several markets: allegations of illegal activities in the fields of liquefied natural gases, icecream, beverages, medicinal products, grain and salts. On behalf of Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo, the company trades in four independent soundings focusing on supposed plots by the country's largest petrol distribution and service companies.

With four fully committed competitors and a staff of around 20 attorneys in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, MATTOS FILHO, VEIGA FILHO, MARREY JR E QUIROGA ADVOGADOS is one of the most actively involved law practices in the Brazil anti-trust authority. It is also part of the firm's new multi-disciplinary group, which includes a number of members with broad expertise in the areas of in-house investigation, as well as in-house counsel, in-house counsel and client counsel in anti-trust and other anti-trust lawsuits.

ChemChina was advised on its $43 billion bid to acquire Syngenta, Suez on its $3.4 billion takeover of GE's commercial waters businesses, Henkel on its $1.05 billion bid to acquire Darex Packagings, Komatsu on its takeover of Joy Global and several others. In terms of behaviour, the Wholesale Practice Representatives practice misuse of dominant cases in sectors such as fuels, electric power metering, automobile and car parts.

Matthos Filho advised Refratários Paulista on a winning comparison with CADE in relation to an apparent anti-trust on the fireproof ceramics roller markets, which are highly resistant to thermal and abrasive load. Mattos Filho also represents in antitrust proceedings an internationally active banking group, a large pharmaceuticals firm for collusion on prices, Petrobras Distribuidora in the fuels industry, a multinational automotive parts manufacturer and a trusted customer in the pipe and fitting area.

With five associates and a rapidly expanding sales force based in São Paulo and Brazil, PINHEIRO NETO ADVOGADOS continues to be one of the leading cartel groups in Brazil. Our competitive practices shine in a huge law office with over 400 attorneys and were very busy last year with a significant number of merger deals under the supervision of CADE.

Dow has assisted Dow in its negotiations with DuPont and in negotiating the April 2017 settlement with CADE's General Supervisor, which takes into account the enforcement authorities' anti-competitive objections. Rodrigo Carneiro provided advice to Localiza Rent a Car on the cartel levy for a transaction with Hertz Brazil and the strategy between Localiza and Hertz Corporation, including co-branding and client recommendations.

Despite the fact that some licensees were against the transaction, CADE approved it without restriction and completed it in July 2017. Panheiro Neto helped American Express investigate CADE's potentially anti-competitive behavior in the letter of credit industry, focusing on possible exclusive terms that would raise access hurdles. Following 16-month investigation, the executor rejected the July 2017 lawsuit against American Express after the firm demonstrated that its operating mode was fully compliant with the regulator and anti-trust frameworks.

José Alexandre Buaiz Neto and his colleagues worked for Siemens in the defense and completed an anti-trust inquiry into the gas-insulated switchgear industry in January 2017 - a case resulting from other global inquiries. The competitive group of SAMPAIO FERRAZ ADVOGADOS stayed constant last year, with no growth or loss of business partnerships, although the company added new business partnerships in other areas.

The founder Tercio Sampaio Ferraz Jr. is the esteemed head of this family-run company shop and a distinguished scientist who knows the adress " Prof. ". In a number of large cases, the law office continues to be at the front line, advising the Americas Trading Group ATS and ACS affiliates in their appeal against the mergers of BM&FBOVESPA and Cetip.

CADE cleared the March 2017 fusion with terms that the company cites as customized to ATS and ACS requirements. Steampaio Ferraz is also involved in conduct and advises the trading group Standard Norms Executive Council (CENP) in administration procedures concerning allegations of anti-competitive conduct in the promotional area.

Buscapé was also advised by the Buscapé staff in the company's lawsuit against Google regarding the use of its de facto rights to improve its purchasing activities in the upstream comparative pricing area. The CADE has opened proceedings against Google, which are still underway. Mr. Calliari is still in charge of TOZZINIFREIRE ADVOGADOS, which has sponsored a companion in-house to expand its list to eight companions, 26 employees and six apprentices who deal exclusively with competitive issues.

Heineken advised Heineken on the takeover of Kirin's Brazil affiliate, making the brewery the second biggest in Brazil. MCS involved reducing the number of key actors from four to three in the sector - no small feat - and navigation through the case by interested third partys.

Finally, in May 2017, CADE authorized the transaction. One of the divestments was completed by Cadé in July 2017 and the other is still under consideration at the stage of preparation, with CADé focusing on the alginate Brazilian business. UBS provided behavioral advice in the context of CADE's current investigations into allegations of collusive bidding on the Brazilian FX exchange rate environment - the first antitrust investigations by the executor in the financial sector.

Skanska is advised by the Skanska staff during the conspicuous, current Car Wash examination. The company successfully obtained full regulatory and penal immunity for ABB Group businesses and individual persons in the course of the investigations into the gas-insulated substation antitrust in which CADE recovered billions in penalties from other firms.

This case was very important for Brazil's overall Commission decision since ABB was the first multinational to submit a request for Brazil's support in the context of an ITC. The ADVOCACIA JOSÉ DEL CHIARO, which holds a leading role in the Brazil anti-trust authority, looks back on its most busy year in more than a decade and recruited four new employees, among them former members of the Cadé team, to assist with the case.

The former head of Cadé José Del Chiaro and the young but respected Ademir Antonio Pereira Jr. head a gifted legal staff of three attorneys - plus one who divides working hours between IP and contest - and eight employees. In 2017, the company participated in four of the largest deals: representation of ArcelorMittal in the takeover of Votorantim Siderurgia; Heineken in the takeover of Brasil Kirin; Refinaria Manguinhos in the action against Ipiranga's takeover of Ale, which eventually led to CADE's blocking; and advising TV Neo in the action against AT&T's takeover of Zeit Warner.

Regarding behaviour, the law office worked on one-sided behaviour cases, which included advising Google on four Google Shopping, Global Shopping, AdWords API GTC and scrapping cases. It has also been involved in three payment sector inquiries and two inquiries at the centre of IP and anti-trust proceedings, among them Volkswagen's representation in a dispute over designs.

The GRINBERG CORDOVIL ADVOGADOS practice has increased significantly from just five attorneys in 2010 to 13 today. The founders, Mauro Grinberg and Leonor Cordovil, head the four partner and nine staff members squad, and the practice has gained some formidable new customers, among them Reckitt Benckiser, Hapag-Lloyd and Thermo Fisher. Besides case handling, this competitive and commercial litigation practice supports businesses in developing regulatory programs.

Mr. Cordovil is involved in more than 20 antitrust cases before CADE, among them the representation of JPMorgan Chase in Forex, Techint in Operation Car Wash, Chunghwa in Liquid Crystal and CRT, Denso in automotive parts, Shell and Raizen in automotive fuels delivery and individual railway operators, among others. Cristalia is also present in cases of ethical and dominant position, involving participation in the four Google searches and AbbVie's representation in the bogus trials and Cristalia's case of IPR misuse.

Its activities also extend to the area of mergers, where Merck acted as advisor in a partner contract with Pfizer and Thermo Fisher on the takeover of Patheon. Ana Paula Martinez, Head of Praxis at Leony & Salomão Avogados, will remain a celebrity in the Brazil Competition Authority. It collaborates with Alexandre Faraco, Bolivar Rocha and Mariana Tavares de Araujo, another well-known anti-trust expert who has played an outstanding role in recent years.

Both Araujo and Martinez are established figures in the global anti-trust community, speak at conference and stand out from the best known Bulgarian anti-trust law firms. Her practice remains at the center of significant competitive cases in Brazil, among them Camargo Corrêa's support in the Operation Car Wash case and the implementation of an arrangement with the São Paulo prosecution following an extra round of inquiries under the recently launched in-house witness program, HSBC's advice on a composition with CADE on the FX inquiry, and advice to Schaeffler, Tenneco, ALPS, Takata and Nichicon in relation to the on-going anti-trust inquiries into automotive parts and condensers.

It also took the leadership for American Airlines in the registration of a commercial arrangement with LATAM for services between North and South America. MACHADO MEYER SENDACZ E OPICE ADVOGADOS' three cartel partner firms and 11 other competitors advise large multinational and Brazilian businesses - no wonder considering the overall dimensions of the law office, which comprises around 350 attorneys, 150 apprentices and 200 administration employees.

It was Boehringer Ingelheim that asked the company to go through the multi-billion US dollars assets SWAP with Sanofi, which was completed in January 2017. Because of the complex nature of the transaction, Machado Meyer filed a petition in the areas of veterinary and consumer medical and finally received CADE's unqualified approval. It also advised Baker Hughes on the takeover of General Electric's oils and gases operations, which CADE completed in March 2017.

At the research and behavioral level, in December 2016, Machado Meyer negotiated a comparison with CADE on Barclays' own account following a antitrust review of the off-shore currency market - a case that shows the company's broad range of skills. Former CADE Commissar and Temporary Chairman Olavo Zago Chinaglia and Caio Mário da Silva Pereira Neto lead the practices of three counterparts and 18 other attorneys dealing with antitrust matters.

Among the company's noteworthy cases is the case of Cielo and Elo being represented before CADE in the settlement of an inquiry into the e-payment markets. It also advises Discovery Networks on the refusal of the Discovery Networks corporate entity against the AT&T-Time Warner deal, which CADE approved in October 2017 with codes of conduct.

Construtora OAS assisted Construtora OAS in the negotiation of two loan applicant arrangements concluded with CADE in June 2017 relating to tenders in Distrito Federal and the State of Rio de Janeiro, which were examined in the course of Operation Car Wash. It advises Sony Optiarc on the on-going analysis of allegations of cartel conduct in the markets for digital drives and is present for individual and corporate clients in several other antitrust investigations.

Trench Rossi Watanabe ADVOGADOS' two-partner and one-of-counsel teams will remain an integral part of the Brazil anti-trust authority. Adriana Giannini specializes in the notification of mergers and also has experience in cartels and abuses of dominant positions. Tulio Coelho and a staff of employees are involved in various issues.

Customer base matches a company working with Baker McKenzie - among them several large multinational corporations such as General Electric, FedEx, Daimler, Honeywell and AT&T. Abbott Laboratories acted for the Abbott Laboratories group in the takeover of St. Jude Medical, a US-based transaction that involved a complicated Brazilian registration process due to the company's international focus.

In Brazil, the 25-billion-dollar transaction was conducted without restrictions. Time Warner' 4 billion verticals through the CADE audit processes, on the understanding that AT&T would retain its distribution partner Sky Brasil as an entity separate from Time Warner. Biotronik acts on the behaviour side in the CADE analysis of allegations of collusive offers in the orthotic, prosthetic and specialised material market in Brazil.

The partners Aurélio Santos and Ricardo Botelho are responsible for the cartel teams of CASCIONE, PULINO, BOULOS & SANTOS ADVOGADOS. She has three employees to advise several large companies such as Cia Siderurgica Nacional, which filed an appeal against Ternium's competitor's $8 billion purchase of Thyssenkrupp's Brazil mill, without preventingCADE from approving the merger in September 2017.

Last year, the law office was particularly involved in behavioral issues and advised Multipark in administration procedures concerning an allegation of a antitrust on the São Paulo car park area. The Commission also represented former Morgan Stanley staff member Daniel Kajiya in the currency antitrust case, former Alstom CEO Marcelo Machado in the case of an alleged electricity transfer antitrust and Tecfil and Ricardo Pessoa in the case of the Antitrust Division.

At the forefront of DEMAREST ADVOGADOS' competitive practices, Bruno de Luca Drago and Paola Pugliese, with a staff of seven and four apprentices, will continue to take care of the needs of several prestigious customers. One of the company's most important concerns is to represent Clariant and Huntsman in the $20 billion fusion of equity that will establish one of the world's leading specialist chemical companies.

Also Demarest advises Owens-Illinois on the divestment of its glassware store to Nadir Figueiredo, a store presented to CADE and analyzed by the agency's head of economics at the inception. It also advised Johnson & Johnson, a long-standing customer, on the purchase of $4.35 billion from Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Medical Optics.

Galvão and EBE continue to support the anti-trust investigations into Operation Car Wash on the behaviour side. France is one of the oldest Brazilian anti-monopoly shops and will continue to be managed by José Inácio Gonzaga Franceschini. The Commission advised Ponto Certo Tecnologia and Serviços in a case where CADE asked its decision-making body to impose a fine on a restrictive agreement alleged to have assigned volumes and fix rates in the pre-paid credit replenishment electronics service sector.

It also advised Precision Planting and Monsanto Brasil on the John Deere/Precision Planting transaction and Monsanto again on the Company's $66 billion transaction with Bayer. He also took over the leadership of the Montecitrus Group in a case against CADE concerning an allegation of collusion between the orange juices industry.

The partners Gianni Nunes and Tiago Cortez manage the KLA - KOURY LOPES ADVOGADOS group. It advises some of Brazil's top Brazilian firms, among them Freudenberg Nok Componentes Brasil, on the CADE's anti-trust inquiry into the supply of spare parts after two firms and some of their senior managers signed a master witness deed.

Votorantim Cimentos and Cia de Cimento Itambé were also consulted in the Brazil anti-trust case on cements, which was opened in 2003 but finally rejected by the CADE Court. Koury Lopes GAEC discussed Educacional as an interested third parties in the fusion between Kroton Educacional and Estácio Participações, a transaction that the CADE Court ruled to close in a five-to-one referendum.

Güilherme Ribas heads the small group - two other associates are spending part of their working hours on competitive issues - at MUNDIE ADVOGADOS, which spent another full year on research, regulatory programs and dealers. One of the firm's founders, Kevin Mundie, died in June 2017 in an unhappy message.

Heineken helped Heineken acquire Kirin in Brazil, which was submitted to CADE in February 2017 and released without restriction three month later. Mundie supported Agility in its behaviour in the analysis of transport activities, helped the carrier to conclude a composition with CADE in April 2017 and to close the antitrust inquiry.

Mundie pointed out the broad range of practices and also advised PayPal during a Visa consultative visit to Canada in early 2017 on possible changes in the relationships between credit cards network and facilities. TIM was instrumental in establishing a regulatory program for TIM. Leonardo Maniglia Duarte and Mariana Villela are the managing directors of the VEIRANO ADVOGADOS competitions team, which is composed of the two partner companies and 12 employees.

Véirano supported the Atlantia acquisition of Abertis in the highway sector, which it had approved two working days after notification. On behalf of Cia Siderurgica Nacional, the squad took on the challenges posed by the fusion of ArcelorMittal and Votorantim - a transaction rejected by CADE's general director in September 2017.

We also represent our client in several domestic and foreign antitrust cases, among them the optic undercarriage, motor car security devices, motor parts and roll-on roll-off car shipment law.

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