American Credit Consolidation

US credit consolidation

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The growth challenge in the American credit cards sector

Abstract: In June 2005, Banc of America made public its intention to take over MBNA, the world's leading credit cards group. As a result, BofA re-entered the credit cards arena, which receded into the background after the spin-off of the BafAmericard franchise in 1968. As a result of the takeover, we expect to see 20.2% of the shares of our subsidiary in the US credit cards industry from now on.

However, a number of respondents voiced concern about the transaction, arguing that it would be challenging for Bank of America to make a name for itself in the already mature market. Huge corporations such as American Express, Citicorp and Capital One are seen to provide Bank of America with fierce competitive opportunities. This case will help to better understanding the dynamic of the credit cards market in the U.S. and provides the framework to debate the advantages and disadvantages of the Bank of America / MBNA deals.

Growth strategies of the American credit card company

In 2004 and 2005, we made several strategic alliances to further enhance our automotive finance, mortgages and homeowner lending positions. The recent takeover of Hibernia National Bank at the beginning of March 2005 gave it the ability to grow into the emerging Texas and Louisiana (USA) economies while providing a more cost-effective means of finance for its flag ship credit card sales activity.

This case will focus on Capital One's diversity policy and the rationale behind the various mergers and acquisition transactions. Lastly, the case looks at the credit cards sector in the USA, which is in a consolidation state.

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