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REDUCEMYDEBT, American Debt Counsel, A debt-free future is closer than you think, we work to reduce our customers' debt. Support of financial institution customers in the application of the collection regulations of the Federal Government and the Länder. Hey, Patrick L. Alexander. Our staff.

Mr. Alexander is mainly active in the areas of publics sector financial services, M&A, property and merchandising. He has over 30 years practice in all facets of government finances, comprising tax-exempt and tax-liable debt financings. Mr. Bennett advises various government agencies and other companies, among them Nashville Electric Service and the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency.

He also has broad expertise in the accommodation sector, which includes building, funding, acquiring, selling, Franchising and managing accommodation establishments. Furthermore, he primarily acts as a consultant for a number of property development companies and has comprehensive experiences in both the area of industrial and private property development. He is a Pat ist Mitglied der National Association of Bond Lawyers und der Nashville, Tennessee und American Bar Associations.

Provided advisory services on a $106,975,000 tax-exempt loan to raise funding for Metro Nashville's power system. Provided advice on a $76,485,000 tax-exempt refinance of the Metro Nashville power system. Provided banking advice on a $25 million tax-exempt funding for the building of a new Knox County, Tennessee sewage processing facility through a local authority distribution network and the funding of certain debts of such a local authority distribution network.

Provided banking advice on a $62,850,000 tax-free funding of certain debts of Knox County, Tennessee. Provided advice on a range of tax-exempt debt issuances to fund a $34,130,900 Middle Tennessee clinic.


His main areas of expertise are SEC-registered, 144A and Regulation S issues of bonds and shares as well as tenders and bids for the conversion of bonds by corporations in Europe and the Americas, as well as those of sovereign countries and quasi-governmental units. In addition, he is a regular participant in structuring financing arrangements such as truck financing and securitisations with major banks, private mortgage lending, cross-border payment of oils, cash transfer and wire transfer, car and agricultural machinery lending and leasing, as well as franchising.

i) the first SEC offer by a Latino banking group to the Banco de Galicia in Argentina in 1993; ii) the biggest ever offer of shares to Petrobras, a Brazil-based petroleum group, in 2010 for $69 billion; iii) the first NYSE offer by an India-based firm in 1999 and a year later by its main affiliate; iv) several green bond issues by Latino banks in 2015, 2016 and 2017;

vi ) several customized securitisations and structuring financial deals, as well as deals for Alsacia (Santiago Chile's subway system), Sonic Foods' subway system Santiago Chile, Sonic Foods' subway system Santiago Chile, John Deere and its agricultural machinery debt collection offers, as well as a number of offers from One Main Financial, the nation's biggest private financial group. The North American Development Bank - Underwriters' Counsel on its 3(a)(2) bonds issued by the NAFTA-founded NAFTA joint stock corporation of the US and Mexico government.

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