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They cannot have a solid credit histories or a good credit scores without a credit histories at all. However, in some cases a woman may be both the principal issuer and the only biller for her family, but has almost no credit records of her personal obligations, regardless of her husband. The credit histories are shown for each debtor individually, and if you are mentioned as an extra card holder and not as an accountholder, all the heavy work you put into timely payment of your home bill may not appear in your histories.

Whether you've just left school, just got a wife, been long term wedded, married, divorced oder married, you need your own sound credit record. Creditors are not able to assess your creditworthiness without a credit record. If there is no story that shows that you have disbursed your mortgage on schedule in the past, how will they know that you will repay the mortgage on schedule?

When you are not sure about your creditworthiness, it is your turn to do some research.

Ask for a copy of your free annual credit report from the three credit reference agencies to see if all your bank balances are enumerated. Every bank that you are a common accountholder for should be reported in your credit report. When you are an authorised subscriber and no common accountholder on some of your bank statements, you ask the main accountholder to communicate with the lenders to check whether you can be added as a common accountholder or acting partner.

Have you ever had credit under another name, such as a girl's or marriage name, please write to any credit bureau to explain your name changes. Ask for free photocopies of your credit records to make sure your records accurately represent your entire credit histories, even anything under your previous name.

Once you have taken these steps, if you are still shed any light on credit histories, you will find a way to set up credit under your own name, but make sure that you begin small. Step by step, open new maps or credit facilities. Be sure to do your research and check the small letters before you apply for a credit card.

If you register for a credit or debit card, please keep in mind to repay the credit or debit amount within each billing cycle. With credit and payment terms consistent a long road will go to enhancing your credit histories. Find out more about the importance of creditworthiness and credit reporting with MMI's free eBook, which gives you the recognition you deserve. Get the credit you need to get started.

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