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Infosec's very important, hmmkay - The register Britain's first annual report on the UK Government's 2015 National Strategy for Nuclear Safety has confirmed that continued focus on nuclear safety continues to be a central issue. This 39-page report (pdf) identifies as one of the greatest dangers to Britain next to Russian action in Syria and Ukraine and terrorist attacks. There has been a significant increase in the spectrum of threat and actor cybershots that threaten the UK - both governmental and non-governmental.

The PM Theresa May government upgraded the national security strategy for the next phase of PM in November 2016. This revised program also places a stronger focus on proactive defense against cybercrime, a broader concept that in reality means everything from operating honepot networking to backhacking against opponents. During the past year, we have been developing new engineering skills to enhance our capability to identify and analyze demanding web security vulnerabilities.

Abilities are always a major issue in the IT industry. British authorities want to encourage cyber-security literacy, from young people at school to college programs. GCHQ's CyberFirst programme was set up to help the UK recognise, empower and develop the young talented cybers that the UK will need in the global digitisation world.

Working with academia and business to create dedicated IT teaching positions in three key areas of government infrastructure: power, finances and transportation. Work is underway to create an effective organ that will give visibility and guidance to the role of IT safety officer and advice, design and information to domestic politics. On the road to combating cybercrime, the NCA and the policing authorities have raised the number of "cyber specials" working with prosecutors to combat cybercrime and are making "good headway towards a goal of 80 postal sector specialised by the end of March 2018".

In order to combat the use of the "Dark Web" by criminals, a new unit for intelligence has been set up within the NCA, the report says. While GCHQ and police forces are most involved in the development of IT policy, the Cyber-Arena is also involved in the work of other governments.

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