Annual free Credit Report Government

Free annual credit report Government

Each American is entitled to a free annual credit report. State free credit check British citizens relaxed about government snoopers, survey reports.

Protection of our visitors

RH&R appreciates the relationships we have with our customers and recognizes the importance of safeguarding credit information. On February 3, 2016, we were given unverified notices of a sample of non-authorized fees on credit or debit transfer after being used by some of our visitors during their visit. Immediately, we started an inquiry into these accounts and commissioned a major IT safety company to investigate our credit and debit systems.

The results of the study show that an unauthorised individual was installing a malware program in RH&R's credit and debit networks that was searching for information that had been scanned from the credit and debit card's magstripe as it passed through the affected system. Sometimes, the malware would identify credit/debit card information that contained the cardholder's name, number, expiry date, and PIN.

Otherwise, the software only found credit or debit information that did not contain a name. Tickets used by RH&R between 2 September 2014 and 18 February 2016 may be affected. Working with credit networks to help identifying potentially affected credit or debit brands so that the issuing bank can raise awareness and start increased surveillance of these assets.

We will send a post or email to those visitors for whom the results show that the relevant credit information contains their name and for whom we have a postal or email location. When you have used a RH&R credit or debit cards during this period, we suggest that you look for evidence of unauthorised fees by carefully checking your credit or debit cards.

Unauthorised fees should be promptly notified to your cardholder as general cardholder regulations stipulate that the cardholder is not liable for any unauthorised fees that are notified in a timely fashion. As a rule, the telephone number to be called is located on the back of your credit or debit cards. FE&R deplores any discomfort or concerns this may have had.

You are advised to stay alert by checking your bank statement and credit report for unauthorised activities. A copy of your credit report can be obtained free of cost once every 12 month from each of the three national credit agencies. For your free annual credit report, please go to or call 1-877-322-8228 free of cost at

Contacts for the three national credit bureaus are as follows: They should also consult their respective criminal prosecution agencies and submit a report to the criminal investigation department. Get a copy of the Gendarmerie report if asked to make a copy available to your believers to rectify your record.

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