Application to buy a House

Request for purchase of a house

However, nothing will be charged if the request is not accepted. However, there is no guarantee that your mortgage application will be accepted. Buy your house from House Management If you have a minimum rental period of five years, you can buy all or part of your house, either from the housing administration or from a qualifiedandlord. A few renters who have not had a lease for the last five years may still be able to buy their house - for example, if you have been successful or received the lease from a parental, husband or wife.

For more information on how to purchase all or part of your House from Housing Executive, see our book - House Sales Incorporating Equity Share: It is important to remember that the application must be supported by a copy of the identity card mentioned in the application and that all parts of the application must be filled in completely.

If your application is not complete or if the necessary documents are missing, your application will be sent back to you. For further tips on purchasing your home, contact one of the following Land and Regeneration Agencies. When you buy an apartment or duplex from the apartment administration, you must make a handling fee to meet the costs of the apartment or duplex we have provided, if any: inclusive:

Fees for multi-storey or shared apartments may also cover the following costs: shared lights and repair. u can also be purchased once a month, once a quarter or twice a year. The lessee must, in supplement to the scheduled servicing and improvements, make a payment to the contractor's expenses in excess of his current incidental expenses as well.

For more information on this or any other issue of ancillary costs, please contact our Belfast Lease Station on 03448 920900. In the following you will find a summary of the insurances polices, which offer you advice and help in asserting claims for damages to the apartment structures.

The right to buy - Apply

Purchasing a home can be a long and arduous affair - the early start of working out your mortgages option can help you later in the day. The lessor is obliged to handle your application for the right to purchase within a certain period of being. Learn what you can do about application delay or consult a purchase rights advisor who can advise you and handle application delay.

In case you are a lessee of the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft without a purchase right, you may still be entitled if your lessor participates in the Voluntary Purchase Right project. Sales law proceedings consist of six main stages. As soon as you have verified the entitlement, you need to look at the cost so that you have an understanding of what you can afford before going too far into the trial.

Either complete the RTB1 application on-line or ask your lessor for a hard copy. For further assistance, please consult a purchase right advisor who can help you complete the purchase right application process. Printout it, signature it and return it to your lessor - return deliveries that have been either signed or received to receive a proof of purchase.

As a rule, your lessor has up to 4 week to confirm if you have the right to buy your house - up to 8 week if you have been with your present lessor for less than 3 years. In case your lessor has failed to meet this time limit, please take these action or consult an advisor for the right to purchase if you need further assistance.

Within 8 and 12 working days your lessor will make an announcement (S125) for a house and a lease. When your lessor has failed to meet this time limit, proceed as follows. Up to 12 week to take up your landlord's quote.

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