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Please follow our step-by-step guide to the mortgage application process. Application for an HSBC mortgage. Once you've applied for a mortgage, Mortgage Guide. Once you have begun with your mortgage request, we will go through the following procedure to establish your mortgage. YOU CAN REPOSSESS YOUR HOUSE IF YOU DO NOT MAINTAIN THE REPAYMENT OF YOUR MORTGAGE.

Irrespective of whether you launched your claim on-line by talking to one of our mortgage advisors by telephone or by paying a visit to a mortgage advisor in your office, your claim will be launched in the same way.

We will do so when we start handling your application: When we have asked for access to documents, this will accelerate the procedure if you can get them to your nearest office as quickly as possible. Whilst we handle the remainder of your request, we will make provisions for an appraiser to evaluate the real estate.

Your rating may influence the loan-to-value of your new mortgage and, in turn, the product for which you are entitled. Once we have all the necessary documents together with the evaluation reports, we will make our credit decisions for your mortgage. Receive an estimate of how high your mortgage payments will be.


Five Things That Could Destroy Your Mortgage Request

And one of the greatest is to get a mortgage." Institutions such as savings and loan associations are stricter with regard to their credit allocation requirements, so it can be a tough period to wait for your request to be approved. Also, disturbingly, the number of individuals who were approved for a mortgage dropped in February this year. The Bank of England reports that mortgage permits for the purchase of a home in February amounted to 51,653, below the half-year mean of 52,295.

Notwithstanding the overall increase in the value of mortgage loans, this is happening. So to make sure that you are well groomed, here are five things that could ruin your mortgage claim. Your mortgage is more likely to be approved if you have a good financial standing. However, what happens if the creditor cannot really find your loan file?

As she applied for a mortgage, she was optimistic that she would be acceptable because she knew she had a good standing and a proper investment. Their mortgage adviser said that the best mortgage for them was through Platform - the cooperative bank's intermediate lending arm. However, once she had applied, her counselor said that her platform could not find her loan file.

The only thing it found was her name on the voter roll - there was no story that could show that she already had a mortgage and a major cash flow. It has been said that a growing number of mortgage requests are retarded because lenders' schemes have difficulty finding residential property locations. "There are cases, as with all banks, where we have problems with comparing different customers' names and numbers, where the system is not able to find the client at the given location because it does not exactly correspond to what Experian, the information provider we use, thinks.

We will then carry out the loan search by hand and give you advice on whether or not to proceed with the loan proposal. She was asked to get a copy of her Experian account, but to conserve herself valuable working hours, she was asked to file a copy of her mortgage and bank account statement. In spite of this, she was told that unless she could make a satisfactory loan reference available, her utilization would be turned down.

It was at this point that Catherine chose to seek a mortgage from her previous creditor - which was immediately taken. The absence or delay in payment of a mortgage, advance or bank account could spoil your chance of being approved for a mortgage a few years later. However, as Rebecca recently found out, credits contain things like cell phones and exactly the same regulations do.

In spite of an outstanding 979 rating (the max you can get is 999), when Rebecca applied for an 80% Loan-to-Value (LTV) mortgage from Accord for an apartment in London, her request was refused because of a delayed cell payout in 2008. "Rebecca's mortgage brokers tell her that Accord was looking at a five-year borrowing record and there was little point in defying her as Accord was unlikely to re-evaluate the issue.

Instead, she takes out a mortgage with Virgin. Prior to applying for a mortgage, get a copy of your credentials to make sure your loan record is correct - you can get your review from one of the loan bureaus that you can check on our loan bureau canal.

When something is wrong, ask your local information bureau to change it. When you are considering buying a home through business space, you may find it more difficult to obtain a mortgage. Let us assume that you are buying a real estate with a café underneath open between 9 and 17 o'clock. Once you have taken out a large mortgage, you could even end up in your own capital in the red (where the value of the real estate is lower than the amount you still owe).

However, this does not only hold true if the real estate is located above a business building. Indeed, a creditor may be more reluctant to accept your request, even if the business real estate is just nearby. London & Country Mortgages' David Hollingworth said: "Business spaces such as bars and bars can certainly influence the probability that an appraiser will advise the real estate for mortgage use.

Life next-door to a busy takesaway will clearly not be the cup of teacup for every individual, and that is what leads to ownership being refused for mortgage use. "And not only business real estate can have an effect. For example, if there are power poles near you, this can also lead to your mortgage being refused.

"All that can impair the sellability of a real estate is something that a creditor will shrink from because he does not want the additional issue of not being able to resell the real estate if it is taken back. Having a spontaneous sensory shift about something on your claim forms - maybe you want to lend more cash - can cause trouble.

Not only can the lender decline to give you the additional cash, but it can also opt that it will no longer be lucky to ever be able to loan you. Furthermore, errors in your job description - e.g. putting your pay in the incorrect boxes - can result in refusal.

It is therefore worthwhile using a free agent such as London & Country to review your claim and make sure that there are no errors. If you are applying for a mortgage, the mortgage provider will conduct a rating poll on the real estate you are purchasing to find out how much it is valued.

If the appraiser says that the value of the real estate is less than you and the vendor thought, your request may be rejected. However, if the landlord says that the real estate is actually valued at only 135,000, it may not be willing to give you the cash anymore.

Doing so may also impact your mortgage request.

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