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Application for a British identity card Online It is possible to decide what kind of card you need during the recruitment procedure. In order to obtain your UK identity card, please launch the online recruitment procedure below. Request a spare card if: What is the best way to apply for your first British identity card? Launch your online job interview and pick your umpire - either Route 1 or Route 2.

Fill out the online application and make a deposit. Receive two mug shots and, if you are applying via Route 1, a copy of an approved government-issued ID card. Request your umpire to fill in the "Referee's Declaration" section, sign a passport-quality photograph and, if you are applying via Route 1, a copy of one or more government documents certifying your identification.

It is recommended that you submit your resume using a safe delivery route - either RM Recorded or Special Delivery. You will receive your ID after the request has been validated and your ID confirmed.

The Argos Card | Go Argos

We' re sorry to know you're having trouble with your Argos card. In a first stage you can call us at 03456 400 700 for a talk and we will do our best to solve your problems. We will do our best to react as quickly as possible and solve your problems within three working days. Your problems will be solved within three workingdays.

Although it may take a little longer, we will keep you informed. However, one thing one should keep in mind about the financial officer is..... As the Ombudsman, he provides an impartial free of charge servic. Visit the Finanzombudsman's website if you are just generally interested in his work.

Sainsbury's Bank

Our guidelines provide more information about using your card to help you select the payment method that's right for you. Explanatory Notes on Major Accounts (PDF - 824KB) - a comprehensive manual on how to purchase and use a major account with information on major functions and online shopping security.

Identification ID Burglary - A guidebook on identification burglary, complete with information to help keep your ID secure and secure online.

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