Apply for a Credit Card with Bad Credit History

Application for a credit card with poor credit rating

Deleting negative marks on your credit report. When your credit history is empty, consider getting a credit card with a low limit. For more information on the tests conducted as part of the application process, please click here.

Mr JK Rowling is suing her former PA for theft of £24,000.

Writer Harry Potter JK Rowling has filed a 24,000 lawsuit against a former staff member for stealing goods and distributing luxuries. Mr Donaldson has rejected the allegations and said that Rowling "has not sustained any losses and is not claiming damages". He is claiming compensation for further losses incurred for 57 pounds in M&S Simply Food, 2139 pounds at Paper Tiger, 1636 pounds at Starbucks and 235 pounds at Waterstones.

The Rowling, who has an estimate of 650 million pounds in assets thanks to over 400 million books sold, also claims 107 pounds from Donaldson for a return from the John Lewis supermarket for a Lego kit. A 76 and a Harry Potter fairy tale from Beedle The Barden sets to the value of £395. It also claims that Donaldson has taken a Harry Potter Monster of Monsters book of 47 pounds, two Harry Potter crystal ornaments of 48 pounds and Harry Potter badges of 24 pounds.

It alleges that Donaldson misled it and "did not make any card transactions or grant entry to the secure or Harry Potter goods without being misled" and says that Donaldson denied or defaulted in making the transaction. Mr. Lumos Foundation, which is committed to stopping the use of child labor, and the Volant Charitable Trust, which promotes a number of good causes at home and abroad.

Most of the non-profit trusts are financed by Rowling's single contributions and license fees from their accounts. In addition to her child support work, the writer has also contributed 10 million to a research center for MS at Edinburgh University to commemorate her mother Anne, who passed away from MS at the ages of 45.

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