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Just what it says on the can: a money loan that you apply for via the Internet. Weihnachtskredit - apply now & overcome the intoxication! You wonder how you can buy Christmas this year? You need a little more dough for Christmas? Defeat the hurry and apply now for a Christmas loan from FAIRshare!

All of us know that Christmas can be costly - gifts, partys, festivities, celebratory meals... the whole listing goes on! Afraid you'll run out of funds for Christmas, or are you afraid to start the New Year with a strong monthly bill?

Do you consider lending funds to help pay for Christmas? Well, you're not alone... according to a study by the Belgian Money Advice Trust, almost a third of Britons need to borrow extra money for the holiday season. At FAIRshare we recognize the need for additional credit at this season and are offering a variety of credit facilities to help you distribute the Christmas costs over the next 12 month.

AAIRshare Christmas Credits are often much less expensive than many other lenders and are customized to your specific needs and your capacity to pay back. And... with a BAIRshare Christmas loan you safe on borrowing - your refund contains a savings amount - so if you've repaid your loan, you've also made more savings!

Check out our credit calculator to see how much a loan could be worth - keep in mind that Christmas loan will run for a max of 12 month periods - or check out our credit page for more information. A Christmas credit with a wage bonus - another good excuse to be a wage saver! A lot of members of FAIRshare are wage savers and regularly make direct saving from their salaries to their accounts - the simple and straightforward way to conserve and pay back Credit.

With the new billing bonus, you get a 10% off on your default interest rate, which rewards your billing savings and helps you earn even more cash. There has never been a better moment to lend from FAIRshare, so apply for a Christmas loan today. No FAIRshare member yet? Lend between 300 and 500 over 52 weeks (or 12 months) and pay in firm refunds of 14 pounds per week or 61 pounds per monthly.

Submit your application online today for a fast resolution and when you are accepted, join Faire Share and begin to save on a regular basis. Before you stack the Christmas editions on a single debit or debit card, consider a paying day loan, let yourself be seduced by smart ads for often costly loans or go to a shopping mall, take a look at a Christmas loan from EFIRshare.

Submit your application online now to bridge the run or come and see us at the store! All of us know how costly Christmas can be, but if you plan ahead and open a Christmas savings bank at FAIRshare, you can distribute the costs and make every Christmas stress-free! FAIRshare members have been saving almost 10,000 last year on Christmas savings accounts - these members certainly know how great a Christmas savings is!

To see these 12 good things, click here to open a Christmas savings account today!

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