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Skip to Who can apply for independence status? - To apply for independence status, your circumstances must meet one or more of the following criteria:. Request your NI number: Don't do it alone. And the good thing is that you only have to request it once and your number stays the same forever. So if you are leaving the UK and end up going back, you don't have to apply again.

One thing that makes it difficult to apply for your NI number is that you must be present in the UK before you can obtain one.

If you decide to apply for your NI number yourself, there are several stages that you will need to take. When you arrive in the UK, you must call the Ministry of Labour and Pensions, which will organise your Jobcentre Plus ID meeting.

Venue of the interviews depends on your British adress. From the date you appear for an interviewer to the date you receive your NI number, it can take between four and eight week. Requesting the NI number yourself is a daunting, time-consuming and expensive procedure.

As soon as you have completed the recruitment procedure and interviews, several months await your NI number. During this period many individuals often move their addresses because of their jobs or because their circumstances have altered. As a result, your number may be sent to your old email and you may need to call your local office to have a new mail sent.

One important part of obtaining your NI number is to prove your identification in the EOI survey. Certain documentation you will need to take with you to the job interview, such as an electricity bill in your name with a UK postal code and evidence that you are legal to reside and work in the UK.

With someone who has experienced the recruitment and interviewing processes and can give you advice, any burdens and worries you may have will be removed. Even more important, it makes sure you do it right the first one. Our Easy NINO services will do all the tough work for you and support you throughout the entire lifecycle.

With our NI telephone support service, our staff will help you with all formalities and increase your chance of getting your NI number quickly. All you need to do to apply for your NI number is fill out our simple on-line registration and we' ll do the work.

Our services should give you your NI number within four to six week. In case you do not have these returns you can fill in the HMRC PA5403 on-line, send it to the indicated addresses and send it to the following e-mail adress. Processing will take approximately 10 working hours and then another 5-15 working hours until the mail with your NI number is sent to your UK adress.

With our kick start kits you get everything you need to get started living and working in the UK, plus opening a UK banking contact, housing help and more. With our expert staff, you' re always on your side. Get your NI number quickly and easily with our NI Support Group.

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