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Select payment methods that are right for your business. You only need proof of the business document for your application form (find out what we can accept here). Stock card - Apply today to receive privileged access.

It' s a straightforward procedure and you have a choice in just a few moments. Don't forgive us your e-mail and cell phone number when you apply to receive these special awards. YOUR MAP? 20% discount on the coupon can only be used in independent stock shops with your stock map.

Claimants must be 18 years of age or older and domiciled in the United Kingdom, and must have a large banking or credit or other identification, unless approved. When making a call outside a package, you will be billed according to your local rates.

Applying for the Select Credit Cards

If we are processing your request, we must verify your creditworthiness. Unfortunately, the credit bureau commissioned by us cannot provide this information between 23.00 and 6.00 hours. The best thing is not to apply during these periods, as you will only have to fill in a new one later. Are you looking for an alternate to our Select credit cards?

Purchase now and buy later

Later you can postpone your payments by up to one year. Select from 2 options: your 6 month payout. Issue 300 and postpone your purchase for 12 month. by this date. Full and timely payments before the end of your selected Buy Now pay later term will guarantee that no interest will be calculated.

It is important to review your account history as it contains your billing information and dunning notices. Take a lot of your own personal amount of your money to get through to us, some payments take longer than others, and you should pay early. Your minimal amount when one is due. This fee will appear on your next invoice and a deposit will be due by the due date.

Payments are due on the date of the order, inclusive of pre-orders and articles not yet shipped. Note that this will lower your "available expenses" to your credit line. Make a flat-rate settlement before the release for discharge ends. Make payments in blocks before the free term ends.

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