Apply for Credit Card with no Credit Instant Approval

Request a credit card without instant verification.

View your acceptance chances in a matter of seconds without affecting your creditworthiness. Could you get a business credit card without a credit check? In order to apply for your new account, simply fill out the short application form below. That means that you can apply for a card with the knowledge that you are entitled to funds. Firstly, there are flexible monthly-to-month payments, which are made without a fixed term.

International Credit Card

With your card you can make purchases for goods and utilities in the UK and abroad wherever you see the VISA bill. With your card you can make your payment either on-line or by phone. Possibly you will be asked for the CVV number, the last 3 numbers on the back of the card, and your invoice number.

It is NOT necessary, however, to enter your non-individual transaction code. On-line credit card transaction request via our web based payment gateway (for private customers only). The cardholder receives 10 points for every 1 pound issued with the card (excluding refund, deposit fees and interest).

Reward Points can be used to redeem presents (please click on CREDIT CARD REWARDS or CREDIT CARD REWARDS to view credit card reward details). In order to make sure that you have complete credit card spend management and fight third party scams, our banking house provides free SMS message service to alert/confirm your recent credit card activity.

You will also be notified of changes in card and redemption states. - Up to 50 interest-free periods (including revolving credits) if you make full and punctual payment of your monthly account and have no outstanding balances. - Classical cards have an annuity of 10 for the principal card and 5 for each further card, the default interest is 17.

  • Goldkarte has an annuity of 40 for the principal card and 20 for each further card, the default interest of 12. - Businesscards have an annuity of 40 and a default interest of 12 pounds. In order to be entitled to a Great Wall International credit card, you must: Must be 18 years or older for the primary card.

You are 16 years or older for the extra card. The General Terms and Conditions for Credit Cards apply. To apply for a Great Wall International Credit Card, please fill out, submit and submit the following information. If you are interested, please contact one of our offices with the request and other necessary documentation. Give us your passport, the latest account statements for the last three month and, if applicable, your certificate of work.

According to the conditions of your job interview, we may ask you to submit further documentation. In the event that you have lost, been stolen or discovered unauthorized transaction on your card balance, please call +44 (0)20 7282 8763 as soon as possible. If your card is carried or corrupted, please call +44 (0)20 7282 8763.

For you we organize a substitute card. £5 will be charged for each spare card we supply. You will receive your extension card one and a half months before your card is due to expire. In case you have not yet recieved your extension card by the expiration date, please call +44 (0)20 7282 8763.

Keep your card away from magnetical resources such as safety equipment, cell telephones, HiFi loudspeakers, microwave ovens, etc. as your card may become faulty and will probably not work well. Our card transaction monitoring service is available around the clock. If your card transaction appears unusual, e.g. large amounts, foreign transaction or retailer that you do not normally use, we can get in touch with you.

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