Apply for Credit Loan

Application for a credit loan

Submit your application now and get an instant decision from UK direct lenders for bad loans. If you apply for a loan of any kind, tests are usually carried out to assess your ability to repay. You can also pick up a loan application at one of our offices. or South Lakeland District (Cumbria) and join the credit cooperative to be entitled to a loan from us. The credit process is quick and easy.

Applying for credit | Eden & South Lakeland Credit Union

In order to obtain a loan from us, you must either be living or working in the Eden District or South Lakeland District (Cumbria) and join the Credit Unions. If you need help, we can call you back at a convenience - just get in touch with us. Take enough of your spare moment to fill out the request and let us know if you need help.

Unless you are already a member of the Eden & South Lakeland Credit Unions, you must join by completing the membership registration request and submitting an identity card and paying at least £5.

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No matter whether you want to make home improvement, switch your vehicle, make a reservation for a vacation of your dreams or want to afford a marriage or a party - a cheap loan from us can help you to distribute the costs. Affiliates can lend any amount from £300 to £15,000 (depending on status) from only 5% APR representatives.

Refunds can be made once a week, fourteen days, once a month or four weeks for up to 5 years. Should you ever experience any difficulties in making your normal loan redemption, please contact our member support staff immediately.

Credit application procedure | LASER Credit Union

The credit processing is fast and easy. Fill in the loan request on-line. Your request for affordable pricing will be reviewed on the basis of the information you have provided and a credit rating review. Amount of loan that we can quote you and the interest rates that we charged you will vary depending on your individual situation, your capacity to pay back and the amount of your saved time.

Before your loan can be given, you must prove your earnings to us. Our company must prove the earning of 2 month in the last 3 month. Remember: Your earnings must exceed 100 per pound per annum in order to apply for a loan from us.

As soon as the loan has been made, if it is calculated on the basis of your saving, you may not draw your saving until the value of the loan is less than £1,000. If the loan has been authorized, you must review and complete the loan contract forms before the resources can be made available to you.

Usually we will transfer the funds to your banking accounts if you have provided this information on your claim or top it up to your prepaid Visa debit card. You can also redeem cheques at the Co-operative Banque on Bridgegate, Rotherham, for a fee of 3, or if your loan is 150 or less you can draw at our desk.

We will inform you of the reasons if your credit request is rejected. If your situation changes, you are welcome to reapply after 3 month.

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