Apply for first Time home Buyer

Application for the first house purchase

The full VAT rate would apply. A new program to provide first-time purchasers with an alternate to Mom and Dad's banks. Minister Plassnik started the new FirstBuy program, specifically developed for those who are having a hard time buying their first home due to the need for large deposit funds. The council affirmed that over 100 home builders will participate by making their new buildings available to first-time purchasers. Construction of the first houses is scheduled to start in September this year.

Over the next two years, FirstBuy will support over 10,000 first-time UK shoppers, with up to £500 million available across the UK. As the programme is only available for new buildings, it will give the residential property and building industries a much-needed boost and support tens of millions of jobs.

Provided that the agreements are concluded during the course of the year, developers who will be able to sell houses through FirstBuy will comprise the following: Major financiers are also supporting FirstBuy by getting ready to provide 75 percent mortgage deals to first-time purchasers who make the most of the program. Today, Mr. Shapps urged those who want to buy their first home to turn to their HomeBuy agent to sign up for the program.

I am convinced that, with 80 percent of young first-time purchasers dependent on parent support, we will draw all the necessary conclusions to help those who want to take their first step on the real estate manager. In the next two years, this will help up to 10,000 UK residents bring together the much-needed deposits and make their dream of a home a reality.

It will also give a much needed push to our housing sector and support tens of millions of jobs across the state. Mr. Stewart Baseley, managing president of the Housebuilders Federation, said: It will help first-time purchasers, stimulate the economy and give an important impetus to the housing sector.

Members have responded resolutely to FirstBuy' assistance and recognition of the system is an important first move.

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