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Application for a home loan

There is no need to wait for a certain period of time before applying for a car loan after taking out a home loan. An auto loan is usually approved easily. Helping Shelter Legal England purchase equity loan programmes Help to Buy Equity Loan was established in April 2013 to help purchasers of new buildings in England to obtain equity financing. This programme will replace the FirstBuy Equity Loan and will run until 2020 unless the funding is used up. Helpdesk to Buy provides purchasers of new buildings with financing in the shape of an equity loan of up to 20 percent of the value of the real estate (increased to 40 percent in London from February 1, 2016).

Total up to £600,000. This provision only covers new dwellings in new buildings. This loan will be funded by the UK Government through the Houses and Communities Agency (HCA). Purchasers must have at least 80% of the sale value (60% in London) covered by a hypothec and collateral in the form of a banknote.

Deposits are not a prerequisite for participating in the program, but most mortgages banks demand that purchasers provide a minimum of five percent security bond. It must be a traditional, first-rate principal redemption mortgages and held by a qualified credit institute (i.e. a banking or home savings institution).

Purchase must be authorized by a Help to Buy representative (see How to apply). For the first five years, the loan is interest-free. Buyers must make a payment of 1.75% of the loan value in the 6th year. Each year, this charge is increased by the Retail Price Index (RPI), if any, plus one percent.

Equity loan must be redeemed within 25 years or sooner if the real estate is purchased. HCA is eligible for a portion of the sales revenue in the amount of the percent contributed to the sales consideration. The claim is backed by a second fee on the house, just as the home loan is backed by a first fee.

Assistance in buying houses is available from building owners enrolled with the program. Everyone who wants to buy a new home can apply for the Help to Buy program as long as they can finance up to 80 percent of the cost of their chosen home (through a traditional first-charge mortgages plus a security if requested by the lender).

Total up to £600,000. It is available to first-time purchasers or moving companies, but the new home must be the sole place of residency of the purchaser after completion of the sale. There is no support for buying a second home or for buy-to-lease investments. As soon as the purchaser has personally ID'd the home he wishes to buy (through a certified builder), he must fill in a Help to Buy Information Form (available from the builder) and book the home with the owner.

Property information forms and a copy of the developer's booking forms must be sent to the local Help to Buy agents. Help to Buy agents verify whether the purchaser can purchase the suggested loan. When considered reasonable, the Agency will grant "power of attorney to proceed" within four working days following filing of the Real Estate Information Sheet and Booking Forms.

Here, the purchaser must appoint an attorney to act on his behalf and file a full request for a loan (through an independant finance advisor). Loan amount for purchase assistance will be paid directly to the client at the moment of finalisation. In the event that the real estate is resold, the vendor must repay to HCA a percent of the sales revenue equivalent to the original equity loan (unless the loan has already been repaid).

That means that if the equity loan was for 20 percent of the house sales value, the vendor must pay back 20 percent of the sales revenue. Buyers / owners of the real estate can make a partial (or full) repayment of the Help to Buy Equity loan at any point in their lives.

Minimal redemption is 10 percent of the fair value of the real estate at the date of redemption. Amount needed to raise the buyer's equity interest depends on the value of the real estate at the date of redemption. If the house raises (or lowers) the value, the amount needed for the refund will rise (or fall).

For more information about the Help to Buy schema, visit the Help to Buy website or visit If you are a buyer in London, see the London Help to Buy website.

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