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Maintain an overview of your expenses with account statements via online banking. However, you cannot start work until the department has approved your application. The ETA Visa Common Questions This includes counselling on immigrants by certified counsellors, an extraordinary pass rating, documentary checks and visa-handling. Do you need help to decide which visa you need? Are you still baffled about which visa you need for your journey to Australia?

Take advantage of our quick, simple online visa consultant to find out exactly which visa you need to obtain to Australia.

In order to help you better understanding the procedure for obtaining an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) visa, we have compiled this frequently asked question and answer series. Extension / modification of your visa. Do I need an ETA to travel to Australia? When you are a national of one of the 33 qualifying states, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) will replace the need to apply for a visa sticker or stamping.

Can I apply for an ETA? Just apply here with your travel pass data, the travel pass data of any individual travelling with you (they can also be applied for separately) and a valid Mastercard, Visa Credit / Debit / Electron Card, UK Maestro or American Express Card. In order to apply for an ETA (Visitor), you must be outside Australia and you must have a valid travel document that has been made out by an ETA-approved ETA member or by a state.

ETA must be applied for with the pass and pass number with which you will travel to Australia; the visa is bound to this number. For how long do I await the issue of my ETA visa? Your ETA visa will be issued in 90% of casesutomatically. As soon as you have entered your data, visa handling will begin immediately and a visa confirmation will be sent back within seconds.

Editing time may be prolonged if: Your request is false and will be forwarded to the Australia High Commission. References are uncommon and usually only appear when a particular individual is of interest to the Australia Department of Migration. When can I apply for this visa?

With your ETA visa, you can make your first Australian trip within one year of the date of issue. ETA visas are only for one year. How long before I get a rubber seal on my pass? The ETA visa is connected to your pass number by electronic means and you do not need a stamping machine or a stamping machine.

How long can I stay in Australia? Passengers may depart the host nation and re-enter the host nation for a further 3 month within the 12 month visa period. Will I need an ETA for all my kids and if so, how do I apply? Yes, unless your kids have an Australia passport, they need an ETA to travel to Australia.

Travelers to Australia, regardless of ages, need an ETA. When your kids have a personal ETA you should apply for a special ETA for the kid, in which all the data from your kid's ETA will be entered. Once the infant is registered in a parent's travel document, you will still need a segregated ETA; simply apply with the parent's travel document data, but use the infant's name, date of birth, gender, native tongue, as they appear on the travel document.

I' m going to Australia this evening. Will my visa be through? Where can I find out if my ETA is still in force for trips to Australia? Once you have payed for the services, the charges and handling are already under way. After you have input your data, your ETA process is already in progress.

The ETA must be associated with your name as it will appear on your travel document. If I made a wrong entry of my password number, how can I fix it? After you have input your data, your ETA process is already in progress. Their ETA is associated with your Passnummer. The ETA must be reissued if an erroneous name or pass number is found.

I' m expiring my visa before my plane is planned to fly back from Australia! In order to avoid staying in Australia unlawfully, you must apply for another visa before your visa expiry date. A bridging visa can be obtained to avoid this. When you are in Australia after your visa has expired, you become an "illegal non-citizen" and may be held and later expelled from Australia.

Becoming illegal could affect your request for another visa. Any person who exceeds their visa by more than 28 consecutive calendar months will be required to observe a three-year embargo preventing them from being issued a three-year provisional visa to enter Australia. Department of Immigration runs a 24-hour helpline at 131 881 for the costs of a point-to-point call throughout Australia.

My new pass was given to me because my other pass was lost/stolen. I' m not in Australia yet, what happens to my ETA? As your ETA visa is appended to your old pass number, you will need to reapply for an ETA that is linked to your new number.

Being a UK resident business we are charging 20 for ETA visa handling. £20 that we calculate will cover the costs of manually entering your £20 £20 travel document and visa data into our system. It is not a type of services offered by all visa issuers in our area. May I work with an ETA visa in Australia?

Absolutely not; this visa is not meant for work use. Accepting work with an ETA visa during your stay in Australia is a violation of the visa requirements. Australia's employer will verify that you have the right visa that entitles you to work. So if you were given a position in Australia during your visit and choose to work, you can apply for a work permit by applying for a temporary visa.

Temporary residence visas allow Australia's employees who are not able to fill senior jobs in the domestic job markets to fund foreign staff for up to four years. However, you cannot begin work until the department has accepted your request. Unauthorized work is a crime that can result in a fine of up to AU$10,000, which could result in the revocation of your visa and you could be compelled to flee the state.

Need to participate in a conference in Australia and participate in some meeting, am I visaed for it? Unless you plan to remain in the UK for more than three month, you can participate in congresses, conference and meeting in Australia.

Is it possible to travel to Australia with an ETA visa? You can, but with an ETA visa you can only go to university for a period of up to three month. Can I do this with an ETA visa if I have gained professional practice during my degree? ETA visa holders have a so-called "8201 condition" for their visa, which means that they cannot stay in Australia for more than three month to attend a course of higher education or vocational schooling.

The visa holders will, however, also have the 8101 "No Work" requirement for their visas. Can I renew my visa once in Australia? In order to prolong your Australian visa for a vacation or to see your relative or friend ashore, you will need to apply for an additional Australian visitor's visa using the Long-Stay Tourist Visa (subclass 676) options. Full details of the visa requirement and terms can be found on our Long-Stay Tourist Visa page.

Is it possible to switch to another visa in Australia? If you are on land in Australia, you cannot modify the type of visa, you can only apply for an extension of your visa. When you are interested in obtaining a long-stay visa or another short-stay visa, such as a Working Holiday Maker visa, the request must be made off-shore.

For information on other visa categories please refer to our Australia Visa pages. If I already have another visa in my Australia travel document, what will it do? ETAs may void or revoke your visa if you already have a visa in your ubiquitous travel document, such as a work holiday or immigration visa.

When you have received a Working Holiday Visa for Australia, you do not need an ETA visa to travel to the state. Where you have a different visa (e.g. a General Skilled Migration visa), you should be aware not to apply for an ETA at the same moment as the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection processes your request.

Applying for a limited ETA may have an impact on the standing of your long-stay visa. It is highly recommended that you take out personal health/travel insurances to insure yourself in Australia as healthcare can be very costly.

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