Applying for a Mortgage with Poor Credit

Application for a mortgage with bad credit

as we have shown them otherwise. It was rejected when he first sought a mortgage on a newly built house. However, the search for the right mortgage agent means that the whole familiy is about to move in. "Bamidele, 38, a Birmingham bio-medical researcher, says I checked my creditworthiness before applying for a mortgage.

Bamidele, who has two daughters, Sharon, three, and Shalom, one, found out that the defaults on his credit reports remain for six years. "To try to get a mortgage. "I' ve requested a mortgage from the developer. And with the right help of a specialized mortgage brokers who know the markets and credit standards of finance companies, those with less than screechingly tidy credit stories can still find proper credit.

"First I hesitated to use Trussle because I hadn't even read about them. "They came back to me a few hour after they filled out some on-line detail. "Bamidele was pleased when they were helping him get a home loans at Nationwide. Following a stony beginning, it was worth it for the whole familiy because it has an even larger home, still with three rooms, but more room and in a much more beautiful area.

As Ishaan Malhi, CEO and creator of Trussle, the on-line mortgage agent, says: "Having poor credit will restrict the number of creditors willing to grant you credit. From our own information, the mean credit rating provided by creditors to clients with unfavourable credit ratings is 2: long before you request a mortgage, review your credit history.

If you save longer, you also have enough free credit to improve your creditworthiness. Specialised credit providers such as Precise Mortgages, Platform and Kensington are acceptinglips in credit histories, but interest rate levels on their trades will be higher. If you are frank with a mortgage brokers about your condition, things will run smoother.

And if you try to conceal a poor credit record, it will make things even harder for you in the long run...and what has been happening since then to increase your prospects of succeeding. There' a lot of mortgage agents out there.

For example, Trussle has a scanning engine that can scan 90 lenders' product lines so they can find a mortgage that suits their needs.

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