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We offer our clients what we have made them believe to work, and the services they receive are of an accepted level that we have made them believe to work. TODAY! solutions to help you design your loans. Use of the below mentioned link means that you would be leaving the Approved Mortgage Solutions Ltd. controlled website.

Mortgages fraud: The ASIC gets hard for brokers

The ASIC responds to the high levels of credit scams emanating from mortgage brokers. An important initiative was launched to create industry-based and proven credit defraud prevention tools, particularly for the mortgage markets. Withdog made his point at the recent session of the Senate Economic Estimates Committee in Canberra.

Soon ASIC will pay close attention to the credit frauds on the home savings markets. Vice-Chairman Peter Kell and Senior Executive Leader Michael Saadat both reflected similar views at the Senate hearings. Namely, a more randomly chosen stance is needed to govern what is now seen as systematic credit frauds that develop at the mortgage brokers' stage.

Assured (pre-approved) bad credit mortgage

Could I get a guarantee mortgage with low interest? When you have a weak or inconsistent loan record, you are probably used to hear the term "no" from prospective creditors, be it for consumer lending, corporate lending or mortgage lending. From there comes the notion of a secured or pre-approved bad mortgage - it's something that eliminates the insecurity.

But even someone with a good loan record who has been pre-approved for a mortgage - in other words, he has a basic arrangement that indicates that the creditor might be willing to renew a certain amount of cash - can still be rejected if the official request and the reviews are made.

In fact - and we are sorry to say this - there is no such thing as a secured poor mortgage or a pre-approved poor mortgage. But there is still the possibility of obtaining a mortgage, whatever your loan may be.

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