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Administer your credit card | Please get in touch with us What is the procedure for making a bank deposit? Alternatively, if you have already requested one of our credit card numbers and would like to make a bank wire, you can do so through your on-line bankroll. You can also call us on 0345 600 5606* and we will fill in the credit transfers form by telephone.

You will need the card number of the bank from which you wish to make the payment and the amount to be paid. There is a £100 threshold for the amount you can apply for and the threshold will depend on your credit line. You must continue to make payment to your initial credit card during this period until you have received acknowledgement that the transmission was a success.

Since our credit card is provided by Bank of Ireland UK, you will not be able to make a credit transaction with any other credit card that you own and that is provided by Bank of Ireland UK. In order to enjoy the 0% interest rate you must do so within three month of receiving your credit card.

How can I find out more about your credit card details? Should you believe that you do not fully comprehend our credit card or related obligation, it is wise to take further steps to review your request or review it with a member of your household or friends. Should you have any further credit card queries or require further explanations, please call us at 0800 032 2004*.

In order to make a deposit, simply obey the directions on the terminals and place your card over the card readers. Yes, you will be billed a 2.99% processing charge when withdrawing money - the minimun charge is 3. Is there a charge for balancing payments? We will tell you what this is when you fill out a bank account application.

Every 3 month in March, June, September and December of each year, your bank details will be updated with the amount you have redeemed during the 3 month period. It will be displayed as a credit on your month's bill as "Rewards Cashback". Yes, you can make cash back on all your shopping, but the amount will vary: you will receive 0.5% on all other fuel-free spending if you spent 500 or more on your card - you will receive 4% cash back on your petrol consumption.

Spending less than 500 on your card on all your shopping inclusive of petrol will give you a 2% refund on your petrol expenses. What do I do to get my 12-month breakdown service for vehicles on the road? Failure to be an AA member at the moment you request your credit card will result in you being eligible for 12 month AA car breakdown protection.

You must capitalise your AA FuelSave credit card by making a buy, payout or bank wire within 12 month of opening your AA FuelSave credit card in order to receive your AA FuelSave insurance. Do I need to enter an e-mail to receive my fault or TÜV? You will receive the promotional key by e-mail each year from the date you first used your AA FuelSave credit card or on the day of the annual roadside assistance.

What can I do to cash in my breakdown service? Up to 40 business days after the end of the AA credit card activation period, we will e-mail you with instructions on how to arrange your roadside assistance. It contains a promotional key that is effective for 3 and a half years from the date of the e-mail.

After the first 12 moths of the breakdown service, what happens? Only valid for the first 12 moths of coverage - if you wish to extend after this date, the cost will vary depending on the amount you select at the moment of extension. At the end of your 12-month quote term, we will email you a mail to give you enough elapsed urgency to reply before you need to begin payment for your subscription.

You will receive yearly TÜVs at no additional charge for the following years in which you own your AA FuelSave Card. Could I retrofit my roadside assistance? Select whether to upgrad to Face-to-face Insurance and want to include Home-Start, Relay and Stay Mobile in your breakdown insurance at the current rate during the offering time.

What do I need to do to get qualified for the TÜV service? In order to be eligible for the TÜV discount, you must have activated your FuelSave credit card by making a payment within the first 12 month after opening an online bank account/purchase, payment in hand or bank wire. Unless you are an AA member at the time you apply for your credit card, you will get a breakdown service instead of a TÜV in the first year you own the card.

You must use your advertised Membership Program access key within 13 monthly of receipt of your redeem e-mail. We' ll e-mail you up to 40 business days after the end of the AA credit card activation period. It contains a clear promotional key and explains how you can carry out your free TÜV test.

Free yearly TÜV quote applies to a Class 4 TÜV test at the National Tyres and Autocare Customer Care Centre (standard fee: 54.85) or any other Customer Care Centre provided to you from then on. You must redeem it within 13 month of receiving the redeem e-mail.

Your car must be at the same location as your FuelSave credit card account and you must present your FuelSave credit card and promotional key to receive your free TÜV registration. All works which are necessary for the execution of the TÜV examination are not contained in the quotation.

What is the FuelSave credit card charge and how often? For the first 12 month there is no annuity. You will then be billed an £42 per year charge for your FuelSave credit card. Do you have a query about your FuelSave credit card? Call us at 0345 600 5606*.

If my card is misplaced or theft occurs, what should I do? Call us immediately on 0345 600 5606* if you think that your credit card has been misplaced or misplaced or that someone else knows your personal number. You will also receive your personal identification number (PIN), which will be sent to you 2-3 working Days after your credit card is issued.

Forgot your password? If you have lost your password, you can access it on-line by registering with the on-line service. When you need help, call us at 0345 600 5606* - we can activate your bankroll and send you a new password, but it can take up to 5 business workingdays to get it.

Forgot your password? If you have forgotten your password, you can access it on-line by registering with the on-line service. What can I do to administer my accounts? Handle your card on the go with your smart phone. The credit card service application can be downloaded for free and is available in the respective application store in Windows and Android.

When you have a query about your bankroll, you can reach us at 0345 600 5606*. What do I have to do to make credit card purchases? It is possible to create a standing order if you apply on-line or after you have registered for the on-line service. What will my credit card funds be used to fund my outstandings?

If you make a deposit, the funds you give us will be deducted from your credit card account in that order: 1- Highest Interest Rates first: Your funds are used to settle any unpaid balances that you have owed in the order of the highest interest rates to the minimum interest rates.

That means that the account is disbursed first at the highest interest rat. If you have more than one unpaid account at the same interest rate: your payout will be used to make your credit payments first, then the things you purchased (including everything you purchased in your introduction period), then all your dues and expenses before you eventually make all your promotion credit payments - this is an account at a different interest rates than your default APR for a fixed term.

If you have more than one advertising account at the same interest rate: your money will go to the account where the promotion ends first. When you have more than your month's account balances disbursed, anything that remains will violate those deals that have not yet appear in the same order on your account as those that do.

In order to reverse the credit card charge, you must directly address your local savings and loan association. You should do so within 6 month of the date of our last reply if you choose to forward your claim. It is an on-line platform to help users resolve a grievance.

There is a 2.99% nonsterling charge that is added to the value of your credit card if you use your credit card to make payments for nonsterling purchases while abroad, or if you buy abroad in local currency on-line or over the telephone. If you use your card abroad, your purchase will be translated into pounds sterling at the conversion rates set by the MasterCard conversion rates at html.

Have a look at our example of the cost of using your card abroad. The information was accurate as of 4 June 2018 and provides a vivid example on the basis of an average conversion of 0.878448 and ?100 expenditure. MasterCard provides a model of the conversion rates used.

Current price is the MasterCard price per day. It is the MasterCard fixed conversion rates indicated on your invoice. You will be debited 2. 99% of your payout or 3, whichever is higher, if you are withdrawing money abroad with your credit card.

Interest will be calculated if you receive money abroad, even if the bank transfer is fully settled. SecureCode is a MasterCard® SecureCode payment card protection system designed to help prevent credit card information loss when shopping for goods and purchase information on-line at any retail store that participates in the MasterCard® SecureCode payment card scheme. As soon as you have signed up and generated your own SecureCode, your bank will ask you to enter it at the cashier each and every times you shop with a online participant.

Which is the card safety code (CVC2)? CVC2 is the last 3-digit number that appears on the back of your card in the signing field. It is used as an additional safety precaution to ensure that you have the card you are using. Is it possible to buy from merchants who do not use the MasterCard SecureCode services?

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